America Hates Women

I rarely wax political here, but I feel this needs to be said. Due to rumors and gossip regarding Hilary Clinton’s possible exit from the race for the Presidency, there have been a lot of people saying, “Wow. I guess America really isn’t ready for a female president.”

To those people, I’d just like to say, “Mr./Ms./Miss Douche Nozzle, it’s nice to see you so involved in the ongoing quest for gender equality within the political sphere, but did you notice that you’re TALKING OUT YOUR ASS? Unless Hilary Clinton acts as a representative for all women, and I think I can find one or two who may protest against such an idea, then I guess the issue was, um…Oh, right. HILARY CLINTON. She is just ONE woman campaigning. You cannot make such a sweeping statement about the presidency simply because one candidate, who happens to be a woman, is not winning the race. God forbid the public chooses a candidate based on their beliefs and positions on the issues. Just because a woman can become president, it doesn’t fucking mean that any running candidate with boobies should be president. Well, that’s a bad example. Almost all of the candidates have some major boobage going on. By the way, dearest Mr./Mrs./Miss Douche Bag, are you planning to vote this year? Oh…wait, really? Wow, we are royally fucked.

End politik.

And you, what do you think?

Watch Me Crank It, Watch Me NOOOO!!!!!!!

Watch Me Crank It, Watch Me NOOOO!!!!!!!

Oh, dear

A Speck of Decency

A Speck of Decency

Astoundingly, someone has finally decided to have some moral decency and not

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