Imogen: Making Sounds

So good to hear from you again, Imogen! Immi has returned to us with her latest vBlog, released yesterday on YouTube. The latest video blog features my favorite electro-acousto constructionista discussing and playing several upcoming album tracks, including the absolutely epic “Black Canvas,” a combination of heavenly nature sounds and moody guitar plucks and piano strings.

I cannot believe how well the project is tying together at this point. Naturally, it makes me giddy for the album’s release! While there’s no official word regarding its surfacing, the general consensus points toward somewhere close toward April of ’09. No worries though–true genius cannot be rushed.

Be sure to wait for the last few seconds for some feisty Immi. Meow!

Daily B: Limbo

Daily B: Limbo

You’d think these matters would be handled more professionally when it

Say What Now?

Say What Now?

That’s right everyone–MuuMuse is now forum-ulated

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