The Saturdays have unveiled the album cover and tracklisting for their third studio effort, On Your Radar, due out in the UK on November 21.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. ‘All Fired Up’
2. ‘Notorious’
3. ‘Faster’
4. ‘My Heart Takes Over’
5. ‘Get Ready, Get Set’
6. ‘For Myself’
7. ‘The Way You Watch Me feat. Travie McCoy’
8. ‘Do What You Want With Me’
9. ‘Promise Me’
10. ‘Wish I Didn’t Know’
11. ‘White Lies’
12. ‘Last Call’
13. ‘I Say OK’
14. ‘Move On U’

There will also be a deluxe fan edition available, which is set to include a Headlines Tour DVD and a booklet. I imagine the cover art will be the same as the standard edition above, except shot an inch further down for full effect.

While my friend Loïc of ItsPop rightly noted on Twitter this morning that the cover is essentially just the cover for the Spice Girls (minus one) 1998 single “Goodbye,” I can’t help but find the gray color scheme to be similar to the Almighty Aloud’s own third studio effort (often referred to in history books as One Of The Greatest Albums Of All Time, Ever): 2005’s Chemistry.


On Your Radar will be released on November 21. (iTunes)