David Guetta: One Love (Album Review)

David Guetta MuuMuse Review

…and that’s pretty much how this album pans out. To summarize:

Even if I’ve vetted them relentlessly for months now on MuuMuse, it bears repeating: “When Love Takes Over” and “Sexy Bitch” reign supreme on this album, though the slightly cooler, ’90’s-esque “It’s The Way You Love Me”–another Kelly Rowland-assisted track–proves just as delicious.

Spirit fingers and snaps to Kid Cudi‘s respectably controlled “Memories,” perhaps one of the more reflective, intelligent songs off of One Love. The same goes for Estelle‘s “One Love,” the shiny title track infused with subtle tropical beats and shades of reggae fit snugly between lyrics uplifting and empowering enough to make Bob Marley proud.

Another non-shocker: The album’s most annoying numbers stem from collabos with Black Eyed Peas members will.I.am and Apl de Ap, including the over-indulgent, tuneless “On The Dancefloor” and the entirely unnecessary Guetta mix of “I Gotta Feeling.” Only “I Wanna Go Crazy” proves to be a crazy good time, but let’s face it–shitty club songs about getting “stupid,” “crazy,” and/or “retarded” are kind of the only thing the Peas can do “right.”

The biggest and only surprise from all this comes at the album’s end with Makeba‘s “If We Ever,” a near beat-less, digitized swoon providing the massive breath of relief needed after one sweaty, screech-heavy dance session of an album. The song’s chorus is also ever-so-slightly reminiscent of a super-slowed rendition of Jordin Sparks‘ “Watch You Go” off of her latest album, Battlefield. Wait, where are you going? Did I just lose my credibility again?

Oh well…’twas nice while it lasted.

Total Score: 72%

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