‘911’ Video: Lady Gaga Violently Snaps Back Into Reality

All is not what it seems - especially during a psychotic break.

Sam Smith Announces New Album ‘Love Goes’ & Dances Their ‘Diamonds’ Away

Sam leaves their 'Diamonds' on the dance floor, with a new album on the way.

Kylie Minogue Performs ‘Say Something’ Live for the First Time

And in America, of all places.

‘Confetti’: The Dawning of a New Little Mix Era Is Upon Us

Little Mix roll with the punches of the pandemic and plot a November return.

‘Fearless’: Melanie C & Nadia Rose’s Midtempo Girl Power Moment

Melanie C and Nadia Rose want to make you feel good.

Madonna to Direct Movie About Madonna Written by Madonna

Madonna announced that Madonna is directing the movie about Madonna, written by…

Kylie Minogue Just Shot the Video For Her Second ‘Disco’ Single

Kylie Minogue calls into SiriusXM and talks 'Disco,' Madonna and Single No. 2.

Madonna Is Starting to Leak Her First Demos

While researching for her upcoming biopic, Madonna is diving deep into the…

‘Lie to Me’: Vera Blue Dives Into New Pop Depths

The Australian singer is terrified to let the love in, resulting in an…

‘Black Country Disco’: Tom Aspaul’s Gorgeous, Gay Dance Floor Triumph

Tom Aspaul finds happiness again after going home.

Lucia & the Best Boys’ ‘Perfectly Untrue’ Is Perfect, Truly

A melancholy ode to pretending everything is fine when it most certainly is…

Girls Aloud’s ‘Something New’ Almost Went to the Sugababes First

Before it became an Almighty Aloud hit, "Something New" was almost a Sugababes…

Kelly Clarkson Is Preparing a ‘Very Honest’ Post-Divorce Album

Kelly Clarkson provides some updates about her upcoming record - and yes, it's…

Madonna’s Life, Live: An Evening on Instagram With the Queen of Pop

Madonna went Live on Instagram, and shared a ton of details about her upcoming…

‘Let’s Love’: Sia & David Guetta Reunite to Reassure Us, ’80s Style

The 'Titanium' tag-team comes together once again to remind us that this too…

Every A*Teens Album Is Finally Available on Streaming

The news ought to have you feeling upside down - perhaps even bouncing off the…

Mariah Carey Reveals ‘The Rarities’ Tracklist & Releases Every Album on Vinyl

Mariah unveils the tracklist for 'The Rarities' - then casually reveals her…

mxmtoon & Carly Rae Jepsen Know You’ll Be ‘ok on your own’

Carly and Maia say the sweetest goodbye to a love that just wasn't meant to be.

‘What the Future Holds’: STEPS Tackle the Present Moment & Go Beyond

The pop troupe returns with an all-too-timely anxiety banger for These…

Netflix Is Releasing a BLACKPINK Documentary

BLACKPINK in your area, and on your streaming platform – and, oh yes, your…

‘It’s Only a Heartbreak’: Dagny Bounces Her Way Through a Breakup

The Norwegian pop star dwells on a breakup, just briefly, before dancing away…

‘Criminal’: Taemin Happily Submits for Your Bad Romance

Taemin's back - and he's one sexy glutton for punishment.

Madonna Is Revisiting Her ‘Sex’ Book With Diablo Cody

Madonna's digging deeper (and deeper) into her archives for her screenplay -…

CLC Take Flight in Their ‘Helicopter’

Look up in the sky: CLC take it higher with their empowering anthem,…

The Saturdays’ Entire Discography Is Finally on Streaming

Every morsel of The Saturdays' brilliant discography is finally on streaming.

Miley Cyrus on Fame, Drugs & Her Dad Messing With Her Head

Miley Cyrus sits down with Joe Rogan for a no holds barred interview and goes…

‘This Far’: Sade Will Release All 6 Albums on Vinyl in a Box Set

This is no ordinary love - and no ordinary box set.

The Return of CL Is Upon Us (Maybe)

CL is teasing something fun - and she knows you already know her name.

Catching Up & Crossing My Fingers With Agnes (Interview)

A socially distanced conversation with the 'Release Me' Swedish Queen herself.

Hikaru Utada Drops a Fan Demanded Live Compilation

Hikki puts together some of her live moments - fan demanded.

Rosalía Is the New Face of M•A•C VIVA GLAM

Rosalía's the latest face of the legendary campaign helping those affected by…

‘Santería’: Lola Índigo, Danna Paola & Denise Rosenthal Take Over the Globe

The girls are taking over: Spain, Mexico and Chile unite in a fiery, fierce…

‘Spell My Name’: Toni Braxton Spells Out Her Legend Status

Toni's still got plenty of stories to tell (and spell).

5 Picks for Record Store Day 2020: September 26 Edition

Heading out for Record Store Day on September 26? Keep an eye out for these top…

‘Smile’: Katy Perry Faces Her ‘Flop’ to Feel Fine Again

Katy keeps things light and breezy after an extended period of darkness.

t.A.T.u.’s Third & Final English Album Is Finally on Streaming

'Waste Management,' t.A.T.u.'s final studio album before their disbandment, is…

‘Ice Cream’: Selena Gomez & BLACKPINK Serve a Sugary Treat

Selena Gomez and BLACKPINK team up to deliver a sweet, sugary end-of-summer…

‘Club Future Nostalgia’: Dua Lipa Looks Back & Dances Forward

Dua's eclectic set is full of fun features, surprising samples and new songs to…

GRACEY’s Got It ‘Like That’

After cracking the UK Top 10, GRACEY's giving us her biggest, bounciest pop bop…

Disclosure, Syd & Kehlani Want to Call You on Your ‘Birthday.’ Is That Okay?

Disclosure, Syd and Kehlani team up for a nostalgic, buttery-smooth '90s R&B…

Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding Reveals She Is Battling Breast Cancer

Sarah is battling breast cancer, and says it's spreading.

Put the Needle on This 3-Hour Dannii Minogue Disco Megamix

For the fellow Dannii Stanniis, this is quite truly it.

Aluna Is Going Solo & Getting ‘Envious’

Aluna, of AlunaGeorge, is forging her solo career on the dance floor.

‘Ice Cream’ Singer Selena Gomez to Literally Release Ice Cream

Selena's celebrating the release of "Ice Cream" with BLACKPINK by releasing,…

BoA Celebrates Her 20th Anniversary

The big day is here: the Queen of K-Pop celebrates two decades, with exciting…

Agnes Has Her ‘Fingers Crossed’ on the Dance Floor

The Swedish queen invites us into her disco church (and/or cult.) Let us…

Carly Rae Jepsen Puts the ‘Emotion’ Bonus Tracks on Streaming, At Last

They're both essential parts of the E•MO•TION-al listening experience.

Mariah Carey & Ms. Lauryn Hill Are Just in Time to ‘Save the Day’

Mariah Carey and Ms. Lauryn Hill are in this together, meeting the moment -…

Dua Lipa Reveals the ‘Club Future Nostalgia’ Track Listing

This is a music nerd's dream.

Billie Eilish Sings for Her ‘Future’ (And Everyone Else’s, Too)

Billie performs her hopeful ode to the future live, and hope that you'll vote…

Time to Make Duke Dumont & Say Lou Lou’s ‘Nightcrawler’ a Hit

The dreamy standout is getting the single treatment.

Mariah Carey Is Giving Us ‘The Rarities’

Mariah's dug deep into the vaults, and got a special surprise coming this fall…

Gallant Covers BoA’s ‘Only One’ for Her 20th Anniversary

Gallant puts a silky smooth touch on BoA's 2012 smash.

TikTok Just Discovered Miley’s ‘When I Look at You’

The teens have only just discovered Miley's decade-old song, and they are…

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Is Going Solo (As an Actress)

Jisoo's about to be a leading actress.

Ariana Grande Snatches a Record From Rihanna (But Didn’t Want To)

Ariana Grande unseated Rihanna's record on Spotify - but she's not trying to…

Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion Make Some Wet Ass Chart History

When Jesus say "WAP," nobody can say no.

‘Not Shy’: ITZY Commit Crimes in the Name of Dessert

You know what ITZY deserve? Dessert.

Getting Lost in BT’s ‘Art of Longing’

The trance icon returns to the dance floor with an album designed to rediscover…

Finally, The Madonna Edit of Dua Lipa’s ‘Levitating’ Video Is Here

When it comes to Madonna fans, where there's a will (and video editing…

Minelli & Inna’s ‘Discoteka’: A Song of the Summer in a Parallel Universe

"Discoteka" is a fever dream of the fun-filled summer we never got.

Adele Has Your New Album Update for 2020

Adele has an answer for "where's the new album?" questions.

Lady Gaga’s ‘The Fame Monster’ Deluxe Edition: Limited Triple LP

Dance in the dark with a gorgeous 3XLP release for the first time.

Kiesza’s ‘Crave’ Hits the ’80s Dance-Pop Spot

Don't let this one...hideaway...from your collection.

Katy Perry, Sad Clown, Takes a Pie to the Face

Katy Perry keeps on smiling through the pandemic, a pregnancy and an album…

Dua Lipa, Madonna & Missy Elliott: The ‘Levitating’ Remix Music Video

Dua showed up. Missy showed up. Anwar Hadid showed up. There's just one person…

‘Midnight Sky’: Miley Cyrus Was Born to Run

How many times does she need to tell you? Miley simply can't be tamed.

Kylie Minogue Gives ‘Say Something’ an Acoustic Makeover

Kylie skips the beat of her new single "Say Something" and moves with her…

Dua Lipa, Madonna & Missy Elliott: The ‘Levitating’ Remix

It's just Dua levitating against the music. And Madonna. And Missy. Yeah.

5 Picks for Record Store Day 2020: August 29 Edition

Heading out for Record Store Day on August 29? Keep an eye out for these top…

CLC Are Making a Comeback in September

Red lip? NO. Earrings? NO. High heels? NO. Comeback? Why yes, actually.

Robyn Is Back in the Studio & Playing Music for Max Martin

Robyn revealed that she's been staying busy in the studio - and getting the…

Shirley Manson & Peaches Discuss ‘Fuck the Pain Away’

Two absolute queens. One underground-turned-industry influencing 'fuck you.'

BLACKPINK & Selena Gomez In Your Area

The "Boombayah" K-pop quartet confirms the "Love You Like a Love Song" songbird…

Ricky Martin & Jwan Yosef Are a Dream Team in ‘Out Magazine’

Ricky Martin dreams of life after the pandemic - and looks dreamy with his…

Gwen Stefani’s ‘Love. Angel. Music. Baby’: 15th Anniversary Vinyl

As a wise woman once asked: what you waiting for?

Sunmi Hits the Disco With Her Former Boss J.Y. Park

The Wonder Girls goddess-gone-solo reunites with the JYP record exec himself…

Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’ Gets a Double Vinyl Reissue

Ahead of the album's 10 year anniversary, Katy's 'Teenage Dream: The Complete…

Cookiee Kawaii’s TikTok Hit ‘Vibe (If I Back It Up)’ Gets a Video

If I back it up...is it fat enough? And is our attention span officially shot?

GRIFF’s Got the Good Stuff

The 18-year-old Chinese-Jamaican, self-producing UK talent is providing pop…

TWICE’s Online Concert: ‘Beyond Live – Twice: World in a Day’

Our South Korean pop queens are proving that even in a pandemic, the show must…

SM Entertainment Launches BoA 20th Anniversary Account

The baby BoA throwback photos are overwhelmingly adorable.

Is Madonna Working on a Biopic With Diablo Cody?

Madonna is writing a screenplay with Diablo Cody, and it sounds like she's…

Canadian EDM Star Delaney Jane Swerves Into the Pop Lane

Already an established topline writer and vocalist on the EDM scene, Delaney…

Kylie Minogue’s ‘Say Something’ Video Is a Glittery, Gay Explosion

It's intergalactic. It's camp. It's Kylie.

‘WAP’: Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion Have Some Wet Ass Production Value

In the sacred words of Nicole Scherzinger: let's get a little wet.

Toni Braxton Says ‘Dance,’ So Let’s Dance (Video)

Toni Braxton does the damn thing and dances the night away.

Lady Gaga Is Launching Her Own Apple Music Radio Show

'Cause I've got nothing on but the Apple Music radio...

Brace for ‘Impact’: Robyn, SG Lewis & Channel Tres Hit the Club

One of the year's top producers teams up with a promising star and an…

Madonna Acknowledges Dua Lipa ‘Levitating’ Remix With A Confusing Twist

Madonna is not making things better with her Instagram usage as of late.

BLACKPINK Keep Teasing Their August Mystery Feature

BLACKPINK? In our area? Yes, it's true...and they're bringing someone else…

On the Enduring Mainstream Reign of Taylor Swift

How come her mainstream reign hasn't let up?

TikTok Is (Maybe) Being Banned & Facebook Is Coming for YouTube

While Trump threatens to put an end to Gen Z's fun, Facebook is now trying to…

Róisín Murphy Announces Her Fifth Studio Album, ‘Róisín Machine’

Oh, you wanted 'Something More'? The 'Overpowered' diva returns this September…

Toni Braxton Announces 10th Studio Album, ‘Spell My Name’

And she's ready to 'Dance,' too.