‘Number One Fan’: MUNA Finds the Bliss in Stanning Yourself, For Once

MUNA drowns out the self-doubt with a top pop bop.

‘Incapable’: Roisin Murphy Contemplates a Loveless Life With 8 Minutes of House

This one's for the unbroken heart-having, luxurious hair-having souls who…

‘A Kiss Goodbye’: Tei Shi Makes a Delicate & Dreamy Departure

Tei Shi finds herself again in a lush soundscape inspired by ’70s Brazilian pop…

‘Aute Cuture’: Rosalía Nails It Yet Again (Literally)

The Rosalía global takeover is real.

‘Let You’: Cheryl Returns With a Self-Aware Summer Banger

Chezza's back - and she's done letting you walk all over her.

‘Borderline’: Florrie Is Back & Beginning Anew

Florrie returns after three years with a beautiful ballad.

Saro’s ‘Snowblind’ Is a Hypnotic Ode to Queer Love

Saro knows nothing about love - but he's diving in, anyway.

‘Some Body’: ionnalee Trips the Light Fantastic

ionnalee, of iamamiwhoami, leaves it all behind on the dance floor.

Hatchie’s ‘Stay With Me’ Is Your New Favorite Crying at the Club Anthem

Let the tears fall down at the disco, thanks to Hatchie.

Jake Germain Is Getting ‘Over U’

Meet Jake, one of the newest purveyors of '00s MySpace-era pop nostalgia.

‘Stretch’: Louise Is Back, and She Wants to Get Physical

Louise returns for her first album in almost two decades - and she wants you to…

‘What You Waiting For?’: Anda Reboots Her Career With a Banger Intended for BLACKPINK

Originally intended for BLACKPINK, 'What You Waiting For?' marks the fierce and…

‘Butterfly’ Is Why ‘Stan Loona’ Is (Rightfully) a Thing

'Butterfly' takes Loona higher. (Now, if we could get those domestic charts and…

‘Noir’: Sunmi Shows the Dark Side of Stunting for the Gram

Sunmi feels nothing, but documents everything, in 'Noir,' an eerie take on the…

‘Baby Please Don’t Stop’: The Breezy Return of Emma Bunton

Over a decade since her last solo record, Emma - the artist also known as Baby…

JoJo Re-Records, Rereleases & Reclaims Her Catalog

It's not too late, after all.

‘Hurricanes’: Dido Quietly Returns With One of the Most Beautiful Songs of 2018

After five years, Dido's back to face the sound and fury.

‘Solo’: Anitta, Multilingual Queen, Delivers a Trio of Songs in Spanish, Portuguese & English

Brazilian Queen of Pop Anitta slithers, sparkles and smooches her way through a…

Meet K/DA, the Virtual League of Legends K-Pop Girl Group

It's one of the coolest things to happen in pop in 2018.

Alice Chater Supplies the Madonna-Kylie Fantasy With ‘Hourglass’

Time goes by so slowly for those who wait.

Britney’s Not-So-Secret Songwriter Sophia Somajo Has an EDM Hit With Alan Walker

The Swedish singer-songwriter, who's penned hits for acts like Britney,…

Come Get Your ‘Honey’: Robyn’s Heavenly Club-Pop Masterpiece

After months and months of tinkering, Robyn's finally set her 'Honey' free.

Rita Ora Stays Doing Pop Well With ‘Let You Love Me’

Sometimes she runs, sometimes she hides...but all Rita Ora needs is time.

‘Venice Bitch’: Lana Del Rey Provides the 10-Minute Soundtrack to the End of Summer 2018

Lana's not releasing a new record until 2019. Luckily, her new song is long and…

‘GTFO’: Mariah Carey’s Festive Fuck-Off Moment of Moody Whatever

Mimi's got a great idea: how about you get the fuck out?

Inna, Romanian Queen of Pop, Needs No Help

When it comes to delivering surefire dance floor smashes, Inna, Romanian Queen…

‘Lie For Love’: Sabrina Carpenter’s ‘Sierra Burgess Is a Loser’ Soundtrack Song Is A Winner

Sabrina Carpenter's 'Sierra Burgess Is a Loser' soundtrack song is a chilly…

‘Electricity’: Dua Lipa, Diplo & Mark Ronson Light Up the Dance Floor

Dua, Diplo, Mark, Diana and Romy team up to dance in the dark.

‘The Only’: Sasha Sloan Sings the Songs of the Lonely Soul

Sasha Sloan stays serving up sad girl anthems that hit the spot.

‘When I’m With Him’: Empress Of Supplies a Gorgeous Song for Your Autumn Goodbye

Empress Of delivers a divine song to soundtrack the end of your summer fling.

Cher ‘Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!’-s the Gays What They Want

Cher hears our prayers and gives the gays what they want, yet again.

‘I’m A Mess’: Bebe Rexha Is at Her Best When She’s a Mess

Bebe Rexha is back to being a mess - which is also when she's at her best.

‘Heaven Wasn’t Made For Me’: Terror Jr Returns to Reject the Old Guard

Terror Jr are back after their journey through 'Bop City' - and they're…

‘Like I Used To’: Tinashe Lets Go & Keeps It Moving

Tinashe stays cool and keeps it moving with a chilly dismissal.

‘Focus’: Allie X Goes Back to the Future With the ‘Analog Version’

Allie X's already very good 'Focus' gets a vintage makeover - and is now even…

‘Heartbreak Hotel’: Alice Checks In With a Disco-Inspired Ditty on Her Path to Pop Stardom

There's a room waiting for you at Alice's Heartbreak Hotel - no reservation…

‘Blue Moon’: Gyeong Ree of 9MUSES Comes Through With a Great, Gay Ol’ Solo Debut

Gyeong Ree breaks free from Nine Muses, grabs a few guys in heels, and delivers…

‘HEX’: Ina Wroldsen, Songwriter for All Your Faves, Uses Folklore & Fear to Feel Something

After penning songs for dozens of top pop superstars, Ina Wroldsen goes home…

‘Ear Candy’: Marlene & Ji Nilsson Provide a Dreamy, Summery Dance-Pop Treat

Marlene's latest serving - a collaboration with Ji Nilsson - is pure romance on…

‘Square Up’ Is Proof: It’s Time to Join the BLACKPINK Revolution

BLACKPINK came to 'DDU-DU DDU-DU' what the other girls shoulda did.

‘Dance To This’: Troye Sivan & Ariana Grande Sing the Sexy Praises of Staying at Home

Inspired by Janet Jackson, Troye Sivan and Ariana Grande team up for a smooth…

‘Love Lasts Forever’: All Saints Return to Deliver Their ‘Testament’

All Saints are back for more, demonstrating how to do this girl group thing…

‘Hatsukoi’: Utada Hikaru Reflects on Her First Love, Twenty Years Later

Utada Hikaru reflects on her first love, twenty years later.

Lykke Li Gets Sadder, Sexier With ‘two nights (feat. Amine)’ & ‘sex money feelings die’

The Swedish dream makes messy choices and lets her tears fall on moody,…

‘Solo’: Demi Lovato & Clean Bandit Turn Post-Breakup Horniness Into a Song of Summer 2018 Contender

Another day without a lover, the more Demi Lovato understands the touch of her…

‘Drugs’: Uffie Is Back, All Grown Up and Ready to Uff Again

The "Pop The Glock" MySpace princess is back and all grown up - and still ready…

I Do Declare: Blair St. Clair’s ‘Now Or Never’ Is a Surprisingly Deep Dance-Pop Affair

She might not have won the 'Drag Race' crown, but Blair St. Clair has this drag…

‘Screwed’: Janelle Monae & Zoe Kravitz Turn Post-Election Depression Into a Sunny Pop Anthem

Since we're already screwed, Janelle's got a message for you.

Lykke Li Is Back, Sadder & Sexier Than Ever

Our Swedish sad girl put a little swagger in her step.

‘High Horse’: Kacey Musgraves Does Country Disco-Pop Just Right

Kacey Musgraves flicks a middle finger at the buzzkills.

‘Mianhae’: Sorry, But Heize Is Not Your Robot

Heize feels like a singing robot for your entertainment - but she's a human…

‘Flower Of The Universe’: Sade Returns Right in the Nick of (A Wrinkle In) Time

The ultimate soul-soother returns with a precious, time and space-transcending…

‘Heavy Rules’ Mixtape: ALMA Provides Good Vibes With Fake Labels & Real Feelings

ALMA's mixtape is full of fierce beats, fake labels and real feelings.

‘Shadows’: Little Boots Finds Freedom in a Dark Disco

Little Boots is tearfully voguing in the darkest recesses of the dance floor -…

‘Ahora’: Everything J Balvin Does Is Good, Basically

Everything Balvin touches turns to flame emojis.

‘Gossip’: Nadine Coyle Is Tired of Rumors Starting

Nadine slows down the pace - and shuts down the rumors - with a soulful,…

‘Dancing (Initial Talk Remix)’: Kylie Minogue’s Country Detour Gets a Fab ’80s Makeover

"Dancing" goes back to the future - and just got way more danceable.

‘Breathe (Acoustic)’: Jax Jones & Ina Wroldsen’s Banger Works Just As Well As a Ballad

The massive club cut works equally well, if not better, as a late night piano…

‘Think About You’: Delta Goodrem Is Back, And This Time, She’s Horny

Just FYI: Delta Goodrem's thinking about you naked right now.

‘Faded Love (feat. Future)’: Tinashe Feels This Feeling Again

After swerving into her moody lane again, Tinashe's 'Joyride' is back on track.

‘Long As I Live’: Toni Braxton Is Still Out Here Making Classic Music

Toni Braxton is back with a slow-burning stunner about never getting over him.…

‘Bailando’: Rouge, the Brazilian Spice Girls, Are Back

Rouge, the Brazilian Spice Girls, are back after over a decade - and they're in…

‘Normal’: Sasha Sloan Captures the Plight of the Introvert at the Party

For those who want to feel normal, if only for tonight.

‘Get Out’: Chrvches Are Back and at Their Poppiest Yet

CHVRCHES brought Greg Kurstin to their house of worship, resulting in their…

‘Paraiso’ Video: Lucas Lucco & Pabllo Vittar Stay Fuckable While Making Others Uncomfortable

Lucas and Pabllo get hot and bothered while flicking a middle finger to…

‘Curious’: Hayley Kiyoko Keeps Her Queer-Pop Crusade Going Strong

Hayley just wants to know: does he touch you the way she used to?

‘My My My!’: Troye Sivan Is Carrying the Torch for the Modern Gay Pop Star

Troye's back, and only when he's dancing can he feel this free.

‘For You’: Rita Ora Whips Up ‘Fifty Shades’ of Solid Pop With Liam Payne

Rita Ora is showing no signs of slowing down with the pop perfection, this time…

I Know, You Know: With Aly & AJ, Everything Is Going to Be Okay

Thought you knew before, but if you don't, then now you know.

The Singer-Songwriter-Solo Stars of Pop: Bonnie McKee, Julia Michaels, Ina Wroldsen, Emily Warren & Sasha Sloan

Singer-songwriter sisters are doing it for themselves. (And other people, too.)

Look, Rita Ora’s ‘Anywhere’ Deserves Our Respect

Rita Ora's having her very own 'Run Away With Me' moment.

‘Mistakes’ Video: Tove Styrke Evades Matrimony for a Dance Party

Tove Styrke rejects the pressure of committing to an eternal bond and opts for…

‘Generous’: Disney Princess Olivia Holt Makes a Case for Pop Stardom

There's a new Disney pop princess worth your time — and she vows to be…

‘Hurts to liv’: Lykke Li’s Supergroup Searches for Life After Death

Lykke Li and company snap back to reality after experiencing death.

“Love So Soft”: Kelly Clarkson Finally Gets the Production Value She Deserves

The soul-pop record we always wanted to hear from Kelly — and, truly, the…

Eden Prince’s ‘Obvious (feat. Cassie)’ Is a Stellar Dance Floor Debut, Obviously (Single Review)

As Canadian poet Avril Lavigne once asked: can I make it any more obvious?

“Love a Loser”: The Crucial Comeback of Cassie

She only comes around every few years, but it's always worth the wait.

“Without Love”: Don’t Tell Alice Glass What to Swallow

The former Crystal Castles frontwoman makes her solo return in the form of…

Major Lazer’s “Sua Cara” Video: Diplo, Drag And Desert Dancing

The year is 2017, and "Come to Brazil" is officially out — because "Brazil Come…

“Cut to the Feeling”: Carly Rae Jepsen Offers a Warm, Familiar Embrace

Does anyone love the feeling of falling in love more than Carly Rae Jepsen?

“Bad Liar”: Selena Gomez Tries Harder to Keep Her Hands to Herself

Judging by "Hands to Myself" and now "Bad Liar," emotional restraint isn't one…

“1UL”: Danny L Harle’s Got a Huge, Bouncy PC Music Banger for Our Bodies

The PC Music pioneer and friend to Carly Rae Jepsen continues to kill it, this…

“You Make Me Whole”: Steps, Even Less Scared of the Dark, Stay Winning

The second serving from Steps' forthcoming comeback album finds the troupe…

“$”: Sofi de la Torre Is Not Your Material Girl

"You the type to pat your own back, kiss your own lips, fuck your own damn self…

“Scared Of The Dark”: STEPS Defy the Odds and Save Pop in 2017

STEPS defy the odds and come back with a seriously incredible pop banger.

“Still Light”: Dahlia Sleeps Tread Dark Waters With Their Lush Debut

London troupe Dahlia Sleeps make their gorgeous debut with "Still Light," a…

Loreen, Eurovision Queen, Returns to Make a Mighty ‘Statement(s)’ at Melodifestivalen

The woman who brought us to "Euphoria" is back with a "Statement(s)" for…

‘A/S/L’: Donatachi Turns Sexts and Swipes Into Future-Pop

Sydney-based producer Donatachi taps (and swipes) into sexting and dating apps…

‘It Ain’t Me’: Selena Gomez Is Done With Your Drunk Ass

Selegend's back, but that doesn't mean she's going to drive your drunk ass…

“Crying On the Bathroom Floor”: MUNA’s Masochism Is a Dark Dance Floor Escape

Out-and-proud three-piece MUNA comes through with a chilly, tear-stained dance…

‘Not In Love’: M.O Are Still the Best Girl Group We’re Sleeping On

The UK trio keeps serving up perfectly good pop, and it's about time they get…

The Top 100 Singles of 2016

From Erika Jayne's Legendtina-approved "How Many Fucks?" to Kylie Jenner's best…

The Top 20 Albums of 2016

The Top 20 albums that provided an escape, or dove headfirst into the darkness,…

Liv’s “Dream Awake”: A Glimmer of Hope Within a Waking Nightmare

Lykke Li's supergroup provides solace in the bleakest of times.

“Fade Away”: The Digital Despair of Hannah Diamond

Hannah Diamond, one of the PC Music London collective's brightest stars, just…

Gemini, ‘Wanderlust’: An Electronic Quest for Something New

English electronic singer-producer Gemini took time out from the world for four…

“Never Ever”: Royksopp & Susanne Sundfor Remain a Match Made in Electro-Pop Heaven

After "Running To The Sea" on 'The Inevitable End', the Norwegian talents team…

“Labyrinth”: Annie, Queen of Norway, Now Trapped on Dance Floor in Germany

The "Chewing Gum" electro-pop Norwegian princess returns to us, this time in…

“Come With Us”: Sophie Ellis-Bextor Invites Us Into Her ‘Familia’

Sophie Ellis-Bextor returns to the donce floor with a disco-inflected, Latin…

Niki & The Dove’s Album Is Your Summertime Sadness Soundtrack of 2016

Swedish duo Niki & The Dove return in time for summer with a nostalgic record…

‘Freetown Sound’, Dev Hynes’ Album for the Under Appreciated, Blesses Us with New Carly Rae Jepsen & Nelly Furtado

Dev Hynes enlists two Canuck Queens of Pop for two tracks on his new record,…

‘Boyz N Poizn’: Phoebe Ryan’s Relatable Ode to Drinks and Dick

The green-haired pop princess on the rise comes through with an…

Utada Hikaru Is Finally Back (For Real This Time)

It's been six incredibly long, emotionally draining years without Utada Hikaru…

Behold, The First Great Song of 2016 Is Here

A little Birdy told me to keep my head up.

The Top 50 Singles of 2015

The good, the better and the best of pop music in 2015.

The Top 20 Albums of 2015

And now, the albums that I enjoyed the most-est this year.

Hello Bitches: The Reintroduction of CL

"Hello, it's CL...bitches."

“I”: Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Makes A Stunning Debut As A Solo Star

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon asserts herself with the appropriately titled "I."

“Player”: Tinashe Drops The ‘Joyride’ Game Changer

Tinashe just went and fucked the game up.

“BURNITUP! (feat. Missy Elliott)”: Janet Jackson’s Arson Attack on the Dance Floor

Miss Jackson sets the dance floor ablaze with Missy.

JoJo Returns With A Tringle to Save Our Souls

The return of JoJo is finally upon us.

“I’m In It With You”: Loreen Comes Through To Save The Day

Loreen does it yet again with a hugely emotional hero ballad.

“Making The Most Of The Night”: Carly Rae Jepsen Comes To The Rescue

Hop in, loser: Carly Rae's here to rescue you tonight.

Wonder Girls’ ‘Reboot’: The Other Excellent ’80s-Themed Pop Album Of The Summer

The K-pop troupe makes a mighty return...and they've been digging through a…

“Warm Blood”: Carly Rae Jepsen’s Wonderfully Weird Midnight Serving

"Warm Blood" is one of the best, most unexpected songs from Carly's sublime pop…

“Wings”: The New Delta Goodrem Is, In Typical Delta Goodrem Style, Huge

Delta Goodrem's latest track SOARS. (See what I did there?)

“Run Away With Me”: Carly Rae Jepsen’s Great Escape Is The Best Pop Song Of The Year

Carly Rae Jepsen's new single is what pop dreams are made of.

Demi Lovato’s “Cool For The Summer”: Pop’s Next Great Big, Bicurious Banga

Ladies, Demetria will meet you in the swimming pool — swimwear optional.

“Good For You (feat. A$AP Rocky)”: The Unexpectedly Sexy Return Of Selena Gomez

Selegendary Gomezmerizing is back, and she's leaving her dress a mess on the…

“No Hard Feelings”: King Deco and ROOM8 Are Already Over You

Your early summer break-up anthem has arrived.

“We Wanna”: Alexandra Stan and Inna, Romanian Queens of Pop, Team Up For A Legendary Duet

Two Romanian Queens of Pop. One almighty club duet. The world will never be the…

Sizzy Rocket’s “Bestie” Will Make You Want To Fuck Your Best Friend

You want to fuck your best friend? Sizzy Rocket does, too.

“E·MO·TION”: Carly Rae Jepsen Demands Your Full Attention, Babe

Carly Rae Jepsen wants you to dream about her. Are you tossing and turning…

“I’ll Be There”: CHIC And Nile Rodgers Return (With The Help Of Karlie Kloss In Her Underwear)

Watch Karlie Kloss get her rocks off in the middle of some classic records and…

Everything Is Embarrassing And Nothing Hurt: The Grand Re-Introduction of Sky Ferreira

Naturally, the song is everything. And while the transitive property might…