Caroline Polachek Pang The Gate Door Extended

Caroline Polachek Provides a Mix For Your Next 10-Minute Meditation

Caroline Polachek's Pang was one of 2019's most critically hailed musical delights, including "Door," "Ocean of Tears" and "So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings," presumably named after the comment I leave under every one of Maluma's posts on Instagram.

In celebration of the fantastic record's one year anniversary, Caroline just released an mammoth 10-minute extended mix of its all-too-short intro "The Gate" on Monday (October 19), co-crafted by Oneohtrix Point Never and co-executive producer Danny L Harle.

And if you've also burned through all your tried-and-true guided meditations to listen to before bed, you're in luck: this gorgeous work ought to do the trick to bring you blissfully out of this world and into an ethereal new realm.

The new production also draws from familiar melodies and sounds scattered all throughout Pang, making this essentially a gorgeous overview of the record as a whole.

"In the original version of the song, the closing lyric ('finally there's a way / to be both free and safe') are the words I'm waiting to hear, but never do. The extended version of the song then is a sort of parallel universe or alternate ending, where those words not only arrive, but ring true," she says.

The production is accompanied by a video crafted by artist Ezra Miller, which combines 3D landscapes with "AI programming trained on Yves Tanguy and J.M.W. Turner paintings to create the video's abstract visual landscapes."

Settle in and watch if you really want to get lost in the lushness and take some time out from the world.

Pang is available on vinyl and CD formats.

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Kylie Minogue Infinite Disco

Kylie Minogue Is Bringing Her 'Infinite Disco' to the World

Kylie Minogue longs for each and every one of us to be as one again, but that's not exactly possible at the moment.

In the meantime, she's found a way to go spinning around (virtually) and sprinkle her "Magic" across the globe with Infinite Disco, a performance spectacular set to stream worldwide on November 7, just after the release of her 15th studio album, Disco.

The ticketed 50-minute performance will feature "many of the tracks" from her new album, as well as some "very special Kylie classics" rearranged for the one-off event by constant collaborators Biff Stannard and Steve Anderson, and promises to "take viewers through a parallel universe from solitary isolation to an alternative euphoric dance-floor community of togetherness." (Already, I'm emotional.)

The visual world, co-directed by Kate Moross and Rob Sinclair and choreographed by longtime collaborator Ashley Wallen, is said to be imagined by Kylie herself, along with the creative team at Studio Moross and Sinclair / Wilkinson, and "ends in a future time and place where we can, in Kylie’s words, 'all be as one again.'"

Tickets go on-sale beginning on Wednesday (October 21) at 4 a.m. ET right here, and a "special artist pre-sale" will go live at 4 a.m. on Tuesday (October 20) with the chance to win a virtual meet and greet with Kylie (!), plus special album and ticket bundles.

The performance will also not be made available to view on-demand afterward: the only way to watch it will be to purchase a ticket.

Fans can choose whichever stream they prefer on November 7:

1. Australia, New Zealand & Asia - 8pm AEDT/10pm NZDT / 6pm JST & KST
2. UK, Ireland & Europe - 8pm GMT / 9pm CET
3. USA & Canada (East Coast) / Central & South America - 8pm EST / 10pm BRT & ART
4. USA & Canada (West Coast)- 8pm PST

Your Infinite Disco needs you.

Disco is being released on November 6, and is available in CD and vinyl formats.

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Miley Cyrus Covers 2020

Miley Cyrus Is Undeniably Having Her Best Era So Far

Miley Cyrus is having a stellar year in spite of everything. In fact, she's in the middle of her best era yet.

Granted, she's almost exclusively sung covers thus far throughout this latest musical moment - unless we're counting last summer's empowering "Mother's Daughter" and the She Is Coming EP, which felt more like an artist still in mid-evolution, as opposed to Who She Is today.

And that's not to shrug off the success to date of her sole 2020 offering thus far, of course: "Midnight Sky," an "Edge of Seventeen"-referencing loner-on-the-run anthem, absolutely stands out as one of the best singles of the year.

But with each and every surprising, inspired choice of live cover after the next in past weeks, the Disney princess-turned-rebel heart is making it clear that not only does she have the taste level, but the vocal chops required to assume the role of a reigning modern rock queen.

Clearly influenced by everyone from Joan Jett to Stevie Nicks to Debbie Harry to Annie Lennox, Miley's applied her gritty, unhinged yelping skills and gravelly voice (which, as she's described, has "collected dirt") to some of the best gems of the past.

In doing so, she's made a strong case that while she's wildly hopped from genre to genre over the years - from hip-hop to acid-dropping psych-rock to folk-pop (courting plenty of controversy and some backlash while doing so) - she's finally settled into a general sound and aesthetic that feels the most "right" yet. (And no, that's not to say she shouldn't keep expanding her musical boundaries in the future.)

The live performances just keep generating headlines and praise from the general public, from her self-referential, disco ball-swinging 2020 MTV Video Music Awards performance, to her take on Hall & Oates "Maneater" to her "Heart"-owning set at the 2020 iHeartRadio Music Festival, including Blondie's "Heart of Glass," to, most recently, her Backyard Sessions MTV special and set at the Save Our Stages Fest live from Whisky a Go Go over the weekend.

The stripped-down Backyard Sessions are a long-established Cyrus tradition ever since she shook up the world with takes on songs like "Look What They've Done to My Song" and "Jolene" almost a decade ago, although this go-around was no doubt the most interesting, including a rugged take on her "SOS (Bangerz)" collaborator Britney's "Gimme More." No surprise there, though: Miley's a well-documented stan, and the cover also likely doubled as a signal of solitude amid Brit's now seemingly weekly, headline-making court battles, intense social media analysis and concern from fans.

Deeper into the set came more surprising picks, from Pearl Jam's "Just Breathe" to Nico's "These Days" to "I Got So High That I Saw Jesus" with her sister, Noah Cyrus, who most certainly held her own during the fantastic duet.

Most shocking of all, however, was her out-of-nowhere choice of The Cardigans' (should-be) classic "Communication," an album track and fan favorite off of 2003's Long Gone Before Daylight. As has since been revealed, Miley's actually been a Cardigans stan for years. It was, quite simply, incredible.

Without losing steam, she's only kept the covers coming, including roaring live renditions of The Cure's "Boys Don't Cry" and "Zombie" by The Cranberries at SOS Fest. The short set ruled.

Of course, with all the covers she's been doing, she's received a bit of that playful "hire her as your next Bar Mitzvah entertainer" meme treatment from Stan Twitter, which was originally born from Gaga's Cheek to Cheek/jazz era. But really, who cares when it's all so good?

Besides, in what is likely the most fulfilling part of all of this to Miley, all of the praise she's receiving at the moment is truly just because of her voice - no twerking, no tongue, no wrecking ball, no shtick whatsoever. Just the pipes. (That's not to leave out the visual aspect entirely, though: the styling of this era is incredibly chic and sexy, and this whole retro glam rock vibe is completely working for her as well.) Through all these various inspired covers (and one incredible single), Miley is setting the stage for her finest musical moment to date.

There are loud rumblings that the new music is just on the horizon - and at least one Dua Lipa collaboration in the works. We can only hope that she'll keep hitting the same highs.

"Midnight Sky" was released on August 14.

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Ariana Grande Positions AG6

Ariana Grande Is Counting Down to Her "Positions"

Back in October of 2007, a wise woman declared: "You got me in a crazy position...if you're on a mission, you got my permission."

Ariʸᵘʰna Grande is now coming up with a few "Positions" of her own.

After casually announcing that her sixth studio album is dropping sometime this month, the "One Last Time" pop princess further teased the tunes to come with a slow-mo video of herself at a keyboard on Saturday (October 17), typing away at the letters: "P-O-S-I-T-I-O-N-S." (Really thought she was going for P-O-R-N-H-U-B at first, but that's okay.)

The teaser was since shared by "Love Me Harder" collaborator The Weeknd, causing a minor panic amongst the Arianators given their musical history.

Always one to get a bit troll-y, the pint-sized ponytailed powerhouse then began "liking" fan tweets - a Q&A without the A, as one fan described (which she also "liked," of course) - including one fan asking if there would be more than 12 songs on the album, and one asking if she'd drop a single before the album.

Ariana Grande Positions Countdown

When she did finally tweet later in the evening, Ari simply linked to which, in true pop star fashion, now features a simple "Positions" countdown(s), with one leading up to Friday (October 23), and another leading to the following Friday (October 30) - presumably, the single and album release dates.

Hey, at least we know Halloween isn't completely going to suck this year. A treat, indeed! Still no word on genre or vibe - will she finally go death metal? - but based on the title alone, here's hoping for something real sexy. And spooky.

Prepare to assume the position(s).

Yours Truly, My Everything and Dangerous Woman are now available on vinyl.

Photo credit: @ArianaGrande

K/DA Pop/Stars The Baddest Sharp Magazine Riot League of Legends

TWICE, Aluna, Kim Petras & More Enter the K/DA Universe

League of Legends is really onto something.

Following the much-buzzed about successful 2018 launch of the game's first virtual girl group called K/DA, originally voiced by Madison Beer (put your cans up, fellow Beercans!), Jaira Burns and Miyeon and Soyeon of (G)I-DLE, Riot Games developers very smartly decided to lean in on the hype and chart success of the group's debut single and take the "POP/STARS" to the next level - with some new faces.

Given that the group is not actually real - it's a Hatsune Miku / Gorillaz / Studio Killers situation - the voices of the members (individually, they're League champions Ahri, Akali, Evelynn and Kai'Sa) are easily interchangeable, as demonstrated by their eventual return in 2020 with "The Baddest," the pre-release single from their newly announced debut EP, All Out, due out on November 6.

With "The Baddest," Evelynn became Bea Miller (yes, of Britney's X Factor USA mentee fame), while Kai'Sa became Wolftyla.

Beyond just the new track, Riot's already gone utterly wild with building out the girl group's backstory - there's even a whole e-magazine full of "interviews," fun trivia features and photos of the group.

The group's social media, like any massive K-pop group on the scene - from BLACKPINK (very clearly strong inspirations for K/DA) to BTS - is full of endless teasers for songs and music videos to further drum up anticipation for the group's debut EP. There's even an official lightstick. (And, already, plenty of cosplay options and at-home K/DA decor.)

As of Friday (October 16), the detailed track list for the EP reveals that even more popular names are in the queue as honorary K/DA members.

"More" features the return of original K/DA stars Madison Beer and Jaira Burns, as well as Chinese rapper Lexie Liu and Seraphine, a brand new pop star character from the game, voiced by Jasmine Clarke, who has her own entire virtual Internet presence and original music already, as well as covers, including t.A.T.u.'s "All The Things She Said." (Yes, I'm deeply overwhelmed by all of this too.)

"Villain," meanwhile, features Madison Beer yet again (we really won, Beercans) and the appropriately evil-minded Turn Off the Light pop belter herself, Kim Petras.

"Drum Go Dum" promises to go off from the title alone, as well as its participants: the almighty BLACKPINK scribe herself Bekuh BOOM, Wolftyla and Aluna, hot off the release of her excellent solo debut.

"I'll Show You" ties together the tight 5-track set, boasting an equally enviable cast: the unstoppable "TT" troupe TWICE, who have already found innovative ways to bring themselves to their ONCEs virtually in concert this summer, Bekuh BOOM and rising singer-songwriter Annika Wells, who's gotten placements with BTS, The Jonas Brothers and Eric Nam, among other superstars.

Selfishly speaking, K/DA is literally all of the things I enjoy put into a blender: League of Legends, K-pop, girl groups, cross-cultural collaborations, and the spectacle of an over-the-top pop star campaign.

Really though, K/DA genuinely is such an exciting project to watch unfold and expand from afar. The names involved in this project are also thrilling, and in totally unexpected configurations. It's all a gaymer pop nerd's dream come true.

Will this global pop star-filled release cause K/DA to crack the charts even harder this time around? Sure seems likely. GLHF, IRL girl groups.

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Photo credit: Riot

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Annie Dark Hearts

'Dark Hearts': Annie Makes a Moody Return After a Decade (Review)

Annie Dark Hearts

"Annie, Annie, they're playing our song / And for a moment I'm transported to where I'm from..."

Nostalgia is at an all-time high in These Unprecedented Times™.

While we're all stuck in lockdown, in tiers, in quarantine - whatever the case may be, on a day by day basis - the silence and general slowdown of our otherwise normal habits has left space for our wandering, anxious minds and dark, dark hearts to revisit the memories of less socially distanced times.

The pandemic's provided plenty of soundtracks to cope thus far, from accidental (Kylie's "Say Something," STEPS' "What the Future Holds") to intentional, ranging from tense anxiety-riddled at-home catharsis (Charli XCX's how i'm feeling now) to autumnal forays into the forest, diving deep into young love fantasies to escape the present (Taylor Swift's folklore).

In short, everyone's dealing with these dark, dark times differently. And in Annie's case, as with many others, she's heading back home.

It's been over a decade since the Norwegian blogger darling and indie dance floor favorite released her last studio album, 2009's underappreciated Don't Stop, and over 16 years since she burst onto the scene with her ferocious, attitude-filled Anniemal, including "Chewing Gum" and "Heartbeat." (And a song about Geri Halliwell locking herself and Richard X in a car over a song that eventually went to Rachel Stevens, but that's a tale for another time.)

There've been a smattering of singles and EPs released along the way as well, all tied together by her signature wistful delivery and a penchant for providing dance floor delights heavy on melancholy, from "Songs Remind Me of You" to "Anthonio" to "Hold On." She may not come 'round often, but when she does, it's always quality - and her third studio album, Dark Hearts, is certainly no exception - even if it does sound somewhat radically different than her usual dance-pop output.

As opposed to diving back into all the bright and bouncy electro-pop bells and whistles of her past work, Annie's mid-October return is a fittingly somber, haunting affair well-timed for the approaching spooky season, largely inspired by film soundtracks: The Wicker Man, Twin Peaks and Crash, among others. And despite being largely crafted months (and years) ago alongside collaborator Stefan Storm (The Sound of Arrows), it happens to come at a perfect time for the majority of the world.

Described as “the soundtrack to a film that doesn’t exist,” the album was partly recorded in a country house "haunted by a sprinting nun" (Katy Perry's doing, perhaps?) over the course of three years. In the time since her last release, she's become a mother to two, and moved from Berlin back to her native Bergen in Norway to be with her mother, who was sadly diagnosed with dementia.

“I did a lot of recording while I was pregnant, puking while I was singing. Stefan had to go out to buy me liquorice, but I still managed to do some quite good vocals," she says of the album experience.

"All the tracks fit so perfectly together - the themes are right there." And she's right.

The album opener "In Heaven" instantly sets the tone for the rest of the record in all of its slow-moving '80s synth power ballad glory. The ghostly ode could also make a solid bid for a potential wedding song candidate, especially for those with a taste for something with an ever-so-slightly eerie, David Lynch-ian flair.

"When you hold my hand, you lift me up from here / Can you understand just how you make me feel?" she sweetly croons. It's a stunning ode to forever, sung as if already stepping through the pearly gates straight to the altar in the afterlife.

To that end, there's a kind of morbid beauty to Dark Hearts: everywhere you turn inside are the outlines of ghostly figures, including the slow-drifting, half-spoken word of the atmospheric "Corridors of Time," which finds the singer on a dance floor in a theater, where an older couple slow-dances together alongside a young girl dancing alone. It was inspired by her uncle, who was sick at the time of the record's writing.

“A few years ago, when my uncle was really sick, I saw him and my aunt dancing together and thought it was really sweet. I’d go to certain clubs when I was young and just dance by myself. I had this vision of uncle and aunt looking back on what they’d experienced, and me looking forward to future, everyone sort of stuck inside that perfect picture of the place that they want to go, but with memories of who you were. The album’s all about that sense of where you’re going and where you’ve been. It’s a combination and a puzzle," she told The Quietus.

"The Streets Where I Belong," meanwhile, is perhaps one of the most personal tracks Annie's released, recalling themes from her earlier work, including "Songs Remind Me of You" and "Heartbeat," as she tells the tales of the faces and places she grew up with in Bergen and their respective fates, either in abandoning local life or staying put, from the rock star to the poor beauty queen next door who met an untimely demise. And, of course, the love of her life.

Home is where she fell in love with Tore Kroknes, also known as DJ Erot. The two worked on her 1999 debut, “Greatest Hit," the Madonna-sampling underground club hit that kicked off her career. Sadly, her boyfriend, born with a heart condition, suddenly fell ill and died at just 23 years old.

"Tell me, tell me, why did you go? I can still hear our songs on the radio," she laments on the driving tune, which feels apt for a John Hughes movie soundtrack - and a long, pensive ride down the highway.

Every inch of Dark Hearts feels focused on establishing its many moods through various movie soundtracks, including the song that kicked off the campaign, "American Cars," which was "partly inspired by the David Cronenberg film Crash. It was 2 p.m. and the only other people in the cinema were two old men, a mum and her screaming baby, and sixteen-year-old me. It was quite a strange experience. The film is about pushing it to the edge. When you’re looking for something dark you don’t necessarily know why you’re doing it. But you’re pushing the boundaries. You can fall, or almost fall, but you climb back," she explains.

The utterly lush "Miracle Mile," a vaguely Lana Del Rey "Ride"-esque dreamy race against time, finds Annie gliding through the stars across electric guitars, with a title inspired by the '80s film about an impending nuclear war and subsequent urgent escape.

"Time to go even though it hurts," she coos, her voice going up achingly high. "Hurts...hurts..."

Nowhere is Annie's knack for misleadingly sweet crooning paired with heavy subject matter more prevalent than the revelatory title track, an almost ominous, French electro-inspired ode to the seemingly ceaseless patterns passed down through the generations - and as she describes, the album's "most disco" moment.

"Daddy left the family when I was only two, later I found out he was abandoned too / Mama said to me to never trust a man, but I'm my father's daughter, now you understand," she reveals, "so I said we can't escape who are."

"It’s an inquiry into family relations, and the ongoing question [of] heredity and environment. If you always end up in trouble, is it related to your family and the past, or is it simply because you always make fucked up choices? No matter what, it’s got the bass," Annie offers.

"When you grow up, your history always follows you. You can try to change something or break free, but it doesn’t change, it stays with you.”

Former flames flicker in and out of view on Dark Hearts, including the "Teenage Dream"-style youthful thrill of the propulsive, sax-y standout "Forever '92," a swooning ode to a blue-eyed boyfriend from her teenage years that plays like the theme for a "San Junipero"-style, romantic, neon-soaked retro utopia.

She goes a bit experimental and tries her hand at poetry too, reciting “The Sea Maid” on "Mermaid Dreams," an appropriately enchanting tune with a hypnotic quality (like any good siren), further seducing on the shuffling and airy, almost '60s French-pop sounding "Stay Tomorrow," a much-appreciated dose of hope in dark times.

"Tomorrow we'll be so much better than yesterday," she proclaims.

Not that the optimism particularly lasts long: the album flips focus from the past to the eerie present in its third act, diving into some edgier territory.

"It's the ending of the world on an ordinary day / We will try to remember who we were as the moments march away," she proclaims on the soldiering "The Countdown to the End of the World," which has an almost t.A.T.u.-like, lost-in-space quality, and some U2 stadium rock atmosphere to boot.

She veers towards something closer to trip-hop territory, or American Life-era Madonna, with the dystopian "The Bomb": "They're dropping the bomb / Soon we're all gone / So put a beat on," she monotones across wailing alarms and dooming, skittering beats.

"We wanted to do a song that was not a straight-up pop song but had a bit of melodrama. I guess it’s a combination of the world we live in at the moment. You read the news…and it’s all a bit too much. It makes you wonder if you’ll wake up and realise if it was all a dream," she explained of the track, which contains samples from Miracle Mile.

The album comes down with a calmer resignation in the form of "The Untold Story" and, fittingly, the cheery "It's Finally Over," a '50s-style vintage au revoir, as she sets off away from her hometown again, "never to return," for her next adventure.

"I'll maybe make my way to Paris, London or Brazil, 'cause it's my turn / I find a lucky star and celebrate, now I am off to see the world / Goodbye," she declares as chirping birds close out the record. (With any luck, that's how we'll all be feeling soon enough.)

“I just want this record to stay with people, really. For it to have a long life," she explained to The Quietus of her goal with Dark Hearts.

Whereas Anniemal and Don't Stop are undeniably fun dance-pop offerings, Dark Hearts is in a different realm - a sweeping, cinematic overview of her life - standing out as Annie's most artistic Statement Piece by far. And despite being intensely autobiographical at times, Annie still provides a most universal sense of longing for sometime, somewhere just off in the distant recesses of our own memories.

It's a more mature body of work, and much more of a mood, as opposed to a string of songs meant to make you move, making for a compelling soundtrack in the quieter, contemplative moments - especially right now.

Dark Hearts is available on vinyl, CD and cassette.

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Photo credit: Annie Melody

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Ariana Grande New Album AG6

Ariana Grande Casually Announces New Album (Coming This Month)

Ariʸᵘʰna Grande is coming back...much sooner than you thought.

One year after the 27-year-old "Rain on Me" pint-sized ponytail powerhouse dropped her last studio album (thank u, next), Ari ever-so-casually revealed that not only does she have a new album ready to go, but it's coming out...sometime later this month. (This month being October, the one that is already halfway over.)

To be fair, Ariana's already explained in interviews and on social media that she's not much of an "era" Main Pop Girl. Therefore, don't expect any over-the-top fanfare when she's finally ready to release something.

"i don’t really like 'era’s'. i jus wanna make music and drop it whenever and perform it. i don’t want to conform to the like ... ‘routine’ or like ‘formula’ anymore. i love music i ain’t waiting another 2 years to drop it. i want to share it w u when it’s freshhh," she said.

Well, it's officially fresh.

She also revealed she turned in mixes a week ago, and cruelly teased some audio-free behind-the-scenes production back in September. The signs of progress were all there!

Her collaborator Tayla Parx also helped to spill the beans regarding AG6 a few weeks ago, revealing that new music was on the way - not that anyone knew it was coming this soon.

"The 'Thank U, Next' crew did get back together over quarantine — after like, five COVID tests, literally. We just kind of let it happen naturally, same way as the last album," she said.

No word on what to expect, nor what genre: is this Ariana's Joanne era? (Joan, maybe?) Will she finally go Klezmer, perhaps? Or maybe this is her '90s alternative rock foray, a la Mariah Carey?

Speaking of The Elusive Chanteuse, the timing of new music from Ariana also just happens to align suspiciously well with her possible appearance on Mimi's superstar Christmas collaboration of some festive sort. Hmm. We're watching you, AG...

And in case all that wasn't already more than enough material for Frankie Grande's Instagram Stories for the next year or so, she's also just been confirmed as a star in the upcoming Netflix ensemble comedy Don't Look Up, featuring a seriously insane array of A-listers, from Meryl Streep to Leonardo DiCaprio to Jennifer Lawrence. When she flexed her acting chops the way she did on Scream Queens, who could be surprised that she's now rubbing elbows with Hollywood's elite?

Ari, you're about to have a very busy 4Q and beyond. Just remember to keep breathin' and breathin' and breathin'...

Yours Truly, My Everything and Dangerous Woman are now available on vinyl.

Photo credit: @arianagrande

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Kelly Rowland Crazy

"Crazy": Kelly Rowland, Our Commander, Returns to the Dance Floor

"Love me, touch me, baby / Hug me, fuck me crazy / Make me crazy for you..."

It's a blessed day to be a Rowland Stone. (Every day is a blessed day to be a Rowland Stone.)

Kelendria Rowland is back at it this year, now pregnant (congratulations, Kelly!), and this time around, she's hitting the dance floor once again.

She did pledge to be our Commander from here on out, after all.

The "Kisses Down Low" enthusiast returned on Wednesday (October 14) with "Crazy," a follow-up to her delightfully horny ode to morning sex "Coffee" released in April, and this time, she's turning up the BPM and delivering a dazzling, disco-inspired moment.

It's been a minute since Kelly's given us something as straightforward dance: for years, that was her sweet spot - "Work," "When Love Takes Over," "Commander," Here I Am - before chilling down into an icy-smooth R&B groove. And it's nice to hear that she's ready to turn it up (REFERENCE) again.

Upon first listen, plenty of fans likened the Ricky Reed-produced, bass-thumping uptempo offering to that of Queen Donna Summer (who, for the record, Kelly was born to play in a biopic one day). That artwork is also giving some Kelis Flesh Tone vibes. And, not to keep all the comparisons coming, but it also feels like she's giving a loving lyrical nod to her fellow Child in Destiny, Beyoncé, right off the top of the track (The Carters' "Apeshit") before shuffling out onto the dance floor.

Ms. Kelly is a vers queen for sure, capable of tackling any genre she pleases, but she always sounds fabulous when she's delivering another ditty for the discotheque. She's also deliciously outspoken, only continuing to give away her remaining last few fucks, resulting in more and more confident, blunt lyricism over the years.

"Break up, make up, relationship shaky / Hate you, love you, fuck you, pay me," she commands.

With any luck, the one-two punch of "Coffee" and "Crazy" is an indication that a formal solo album is on the way soon from Kelly. It's been seven years (!) since Talk a Good Game, after all.

Destiny’s Child's The Writing’s on the Wall was released as a Limited 2XLP in honor of its 20th anniversary.

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Madonna Perfume

Smell Like Madonna With the $250 Madame X Perfume

Madonna Perfume

Madame X is a student, a mother, a child, a teacher, a nun, a singer, a saint, a whore, a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker, a biopic director and writer - and, more recently, a perfumier.

When she isn't dyeing her hair a soft pink hue or chastising Diablo Cody for her fashion sense whilst co-penning her self-directed autobiographical film experience, Madonna also enjoys partaking in the art of mixing fluids.

After teasing the bottle in a few of her couch script writing session Instagram videos, the Queen of Pop™ and Candy Perfume Girl™ herself has just unveiled her soon-to-be highly coveted Madame X Eau De Parfum, a limited edition fragrance available only at her official shop.

The Limited Edition 100ml spritz is very limited - 400 bottles only, in fact - and promises to take you on "a poetic journey."

"Madame X has been traveling the world. Her Eau de Parfum takes you on a poetic journey. Made up of fresh and floral scents from the Mediterranean coast, mystical flavors of the Orient, all transcended by her sensuality and rebellious spirit. The manifestation of her path to light and freedom," the official site description declares.

The top notes are made up of cinnamon, raspberry and orange blossom, with core notes of rose, patchouli and orange flower, and a base of musk, incense and amber. Surprisingly, there's no Holy Water included, nor any saccharine whiffs from the Candy Shop.

Should you feel a desire to throw a spritz of the mighty pricy odor of Madame X into your existing MDNA Skin routine - I hear they like the smell of it in Hollywood - it is available for you now at

And, just in case you're looking for a slightly cheaper way to smell Like a Girl Gone Wild, bottles of her first scent, Truth Or Dare, are still floating around.

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GFRIEND Announce New Studio Album, '回:Walpurgis Night'


The return of GFRIEND is nearly upon us.

The South Korean girl group - which inked a deal with BTS's Big Hit Entertainment last year, resulting in a bigger budget and even more frequent comebacks - is set to release their new studio album, 回:Walpurgis Night on November 9, they announced via Weverse and their official fan cafe on Tuesday (October 13).

("回," by the way, is the Chinese character that means "to return" or "go back," a theme that has woven itself throughout this era and beyond.)

There's a religious history lesson embedded in the title: Walpurgis Night, for those who aren't as well versed in their saints, is observed on the eve of May Day (April 30), with some different cultural traditions across countries in Europe, generally featuring a feast commemorating the canonization of Saint Walpurga and bonfires to ward off evil spirits and witches. The dictionary also classifies it as "something (such as an event or situation) having a nightmarish quality." Something wicked this way comes, just in time for Halloween!


And if you're doing the math, that's correct: it's only been four months since their last EP, 回:Song of the Sirens, which spawned the incredible "Apple," co-written by Richard X and Xenomania's Hannah Robinson.

回:Walpurgis Night is the final chapter in the “回" series that "tells the epic of GFRIEND’s growth, and it will show new attempts by the act that haven’t been tried before," according to the press release.

"回:LABYRINTH heralded the prelude of change, followed by 回:Song of the Sirens that showed a definite change, and finally 回:Walpurgis Night will lead GFRIEND to the pinnacle of change." The pinnacle of change is upon us!


回:Walpurgis Night was crafted in collaboration with Big Hit Entertainment’s production team, and promises GFRIEND’s participation in the album-making process as well.

Pre-orders for 回:Walpurgis Night are set to begin on October 19.

This comeback already sounds positively...bewitching.

回:Song of the Sirens is available in multiple physical formats.

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Photo credit: Big Hit Entertainment

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BLACKPINK's 'The Album' Officially Makes Music History

BLACKPINK: not only in our area, once again - but also making history while doing so.

The unstoppable foursome - individually Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé - have debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 as of this week with their formal debut, The Album. (If you missed it, heres are my thoughts about the record.)

The album, The Album ("as you know, my single 'My Single Is Dropping' is dropping"), moved 110,000 equivalent album units in its first week, marking the highest first-week sales for a debut album by a K-pop group in music history.

It's also the biggest chart debut by an all-female group in over 12 years since Danity Kane's Welcome to the Dollhouse in March of 2008. (!)

And “Ice Cream (feat. Selena Gomez)," their first-ever Billboard Hot 100 Top 20 single, is also still performing well: the song shot to the No. 20 spot on Top 40 radio this week. And they've got a "Lovesick Girls" music video scandal to boot!

"Some bitches you can't manage," indeed.

For anyone else who loves international pop - all the fellow music nerds who spent their early youth spending all their coins on pricey imports, researching DVD region codes, and excitedly chatting in niche fan forums - this is yet another victory in the continued demise of the barriers that once restricted the visibility of global music.

This is also a huge win for the fellow girl group enthusiasts: it's taken over a decade to finally see another girl group reign supreme to this degree, and it's more than about time for the girl group love to take over the charts again.

There's even more to be excited about just ahead as well this month for the ever-loyal BLINKs, including Light Up the Sky, the Netflix documentary arriving on October 14. And judging by the trailer, it's going to be good.

The Album is available in four different CD versions.

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Photo credit: YG Entertainment

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Mariah Carey Christmas Teaser

Mariah Carey Might Be Having a Sweetener Moment of Spotlight Whatever

Mariah Carey is having another moment - and this time, it's getting festive. (Again.)

The Indisputable Queen of Christmas, Ruler of Rarities and Veritable Vinyl Vendor decided to throw the Lambily into yet another tizzy in 2020 (and quite possibly the Arianators and the Little Spotlights, too) in the form of a simple, effective, panic-inducing teaser photo of three directors chairs on the set of an upcoming project.

"🎄," she simply captioned the photo posted on Friday afternoon (October 9), which featured three chairs: one for "AG," one for "MC," and one for "JH."

Assuming MC belongs to the Imperfect Angel herself ("Will the real MC please step to the mic?"), that leaves it to AG and JH - and the fans are already, loudly, guessing two names: Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson.

If proven true, of course, this 2020 VH1 Divas Live-esque affair would create a seismic shift, tearing a hole in the time-space continuum that could quite possibly fling us into the parallel universe and right all the wrongs of the past year - the same parallel universe we thought we'd get flung into after her rightful crowning at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with "All I Want for Christmas Is You."

Of course, we don't know for a fact that it's really Ari and J-Hud just yet. Perhaps it's Al Gore and Josh Hutcherson? Or Ashley Greene and Jon Hamm?

But it would make sense to be the Christmas & Chill pop princess and the Academy Award-winning American Idol alum, given that they are two worthy vocal powerhouses in their own right. And given the (largely media-fueled) "beef" between Ariana and Mariah at the beginning of Ariana's music career, a candy cane-shaped olive branch would truly be a wonderful way to publicly patch things up.

Plus, this has truly been a sensational year for female collaborations across the pop spectrum, and a massive collaboration like this could be the mistletoe on top to save this Christmas season.

For now, we'll have to wait and see what else Mariah posts on her Instagram - and stay reading (and/or listening to) The Meaning of Mariah Carey in the meantime, too.

Photo credit: @MariahCarey

Disclosure: Products featured on this website use affiliate links, and may earn me a commission for purchases made through the links.