Squeeze hard, hold that pose–it’s FINALLY here!

The hotly anticipated video for Natalia Kills‘ “Mirrors,” has arrived. (WATCH)

Relying more on style than the flat-out storytelling of her series Love, Kills XX, Miss Natalia goes in for the kill(s) with a variety of grainy, gritty images and globs and globs of fabulous noir.

Bondage? Check. blindfolds? Check. Murderous weapons and criminal intent? Check, check, check!

Sprinkle in a bit of Saw, a droplet of The Twilight Zone, a smidgen of The Ring, and just the teeniest touch of Hamlet, and there you have it: The video for “Mirrors.”

Oh yes, and just as promised, some broken mirrors to boot.

It’s been a long time coming, but I absolutely adore the video. Go Kills, go!

“Mirrors” was released on August 10. (iTunes)