Destiny’s Child Frontwoman Michelle Williams Gets Her Own Reality TV Show

Michelle Williams

There can be miracles when you believe.

Earlier today, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news now heard ’round the world–Destiny’s Child frontwoman Michelle Williams is about to star in her very own reality TV show. Bet you didn’t expect that.

Sorry. Wait. I can’t do this without some assistance. Michelle? You there?

michelle (1)

There we go.

Now, THR‘s story is mostly all-encompassing, but there were a few minor details left out from their original reporting.

It’s time for some MuuMuse Excluusive facts:

+ The series, called My Sister’s Keeper, will be produced by Entertainment One Television, with worldwide channel distribution to be determined upon an extensive geographical breakdown of “We Break The Dawn” CD single sales.

+ The “Stop This Car” chanteuse’s upcoming show has gone through several name changes over the past few months, originally titled Tenitra Knows Best and followed briefly by Life Is But A Nightmare, until finally settling on My Sister’s Keeper, which shares its name with a popular novel-turned-film about horrifying life circumstances, chronic illness and death.

+ The series will follow Michelle as she records her upcoming gospel record, wrestles with an inner demon (named Tina Knowles), struggles with a severe bout of carpal tunnel syndrome after having to block thousands of Beyoncé fans demanding concert tickets on her Blackberry, and finds her voice deep inside the seamstress sweatshop at the House of Dereon.

+ Keri Hilson makes a brief cameo during one episode in the series, which critics are already declaring “profoundly horrifying,” “spiritually unsettling,” and “Who was that again?”

+ Said Beyoncé in an Excluusive text message exchange with MuuMuse regarding her fellow band member’s upcoming series: “LOL! Hav u watched mine yet? :)”

+ It is not yet known if bandmate Kelly Rowland will be making an appearance, or simply enjoying her kisses down low and remaining a legend. #BuyKissesDownLowOniTunes

+ On a related note, loud whispers around industry watercoolers indicate that former Destiny’s Child back-up singer Farrah Franklin‘s upcoming Youku-exclusive web series, SMH, will premiere in early 2015.

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