Xenomania Mania: Florrie Wants You to “Live A Little”


And just like that, Florrie has arrived in 2013.

As the in-house drummer for almighty pop production haus Xenomania, Florrie’s already made her mark behind-the-scenes by helping to craft some of the most essential British pop productions over the latter half of the decade, including Girls Aloud‘s “The Promise” and Mini Viva‘s “One Touch.”

After announcing plans to go solo as an artist in her own right back in 2010, the multi-talented, drop dead gorgeous singer-songwriter started dropping free and brilliant (frilliant) Xenomania-produced EPs each year, including 2011’s Experiments EP (review) and 2012’s Late EP (review), which we’ve been all-too-eagerly gobbling up.

But now, it’s getting real: A proper LP is on the way for 2013, and “Live A Little” is the first taste of what’s to come.

The stompin’ tune, a tie-in with Sony XBA-C10 In-Ear headphones, is an instant onslaught of mile-a-minute Xenomania-certified hooks, blaring horns, sauntering guitar and toe-tappin’ crashing drums. It’s a noisy affair—but in a good way! “I’m gonna get what I want, so live a little,” she taunts on the jaunty chorus. The song’s a complete and utter earworm: From that “La, la, la…” opening alone, you should already know you’re in trouble.

And don’t worry: Despite the name, “Live A Little” isn’t a carpe diem YOLO-pop anthem (mercifully), but rather a saucy instigation. Can you handle Florrie’s feisty flirtations, or are you about to…break?

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