What do you mean, "literature?"

Sorry folks, the greatest hits compilation will have to wait until tomorrow. I’m too tied up reading my new book, Murakami, about Takashi Murakami. A leading contemporary artist from Japan, Murakami is most notably responsible for the limited edition Louis Vuitton handbags covered with cute cherry blossoms and eyeballs. Frankly, all I had to hear was “smiling cherry blossoms” and I was sold. However, I’m learning that his designs are much more complicated in meaning than one could ever assume just by looking at any of his exhibitions. Who knew that a smiling panda could represent sentiments of American consumerism and post-war Japanese culture? Here I was, delighted by a joyful panda. Regardless, it’s really quite fascinating, and I’ll be sure to update more thoroughly during work tomorrow.

EDIT: Thanks to the Amazon reviewer who recommended taking off the dust jacket to reveal an impossibly cute smiley flower. My dreams have been realized.

And you, what do you think?


~*~ My Top Ten of 2007!

Top Fancy Ticklers Of 2007

Top Fancy Ticklers Of 2007

As promised, I present my picks for the top tunes that did a fair share of

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