Tila Tequila Wants Another Shot

I’ll give you a few moments to stare at them.

During her hosting gig on MTV’s New Years Eve broadcast, Tila Tequila announced that was dumped by her soulmate Bobby and will seek a new boy or boy-ish girl in an upcoming season of A Shot at Love.

She’s fucking up her Shot at Fame! Even though the show was hokey as hell to begin with, there was something endearing about its cheesiness as it unraveled. However, producing another ego-stroking romp confirms what we knew the show was all about: blatant self-promotion. Oh yeah, and continue to bury positive notions of bisexuality underneath piles of smut and Tila-isms like “I don’t know if I like boys more or girls.” Remember, she’s a bisexual. That means she’s confused!!1!

Considering all this, will I still watch? Oh GOD, for sure.

And you, what do you think?


This is a remake of Britney’s Outrageous, by Sherlyn Chopra of Bollywood

Introduucing…Najoua Belyzel

Introduucing…Najoua Belyzel

You know those days where your contacts refuse to be put in easily?

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