Wow…just wow.

Straight from the diva’s website: “Wow” will indeed be released with all the remixes I discussed…AND BONUS TRACKS. Don’t soil yourself, but with all the hoopla about Kylie working with Goldfrapp and Daft Punk, I can only hope that one of these tracks is the result of one of those collaborations!

‘Wow’ hits the shops in the UK on 18th February and will be available on CD, Maxi CD,12″ picture disc and digital download.

The various formats will play host to a range of previously unreleased tracks – ‘Cherry Bomb’, ‘Do It Again’ and ‘Carried Away’ – as well as red hot mixes of ‘Wow’ from the likes of CSS, David Guetta and MSTRKRFT!

Yum, yum. Bring it on.

Psst…some sneak peek images from the set have surfaced. Unfortunately, they were posted on PinkIsTheNewBlog, resulting in obnoxiously large subtext. Open up the Read More to see.

Note: Big, sexy hair. “Red Blooded Woman” style, almost. Note the pink outfit peeking out of that robe from the sleeve. I had a bad flashback to the whole Confessions era with Madonna, but I know it can’t happen. It mustn’t.



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A Taste of Korea…Kind Of.

A Taste of Korea…Kind Of.

Alright, just a quick little ditty before I journey off into slumber

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