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Björk‘s video concepts are always a topic for discussion. I mean, come on. Just have a look at the concept for her latest single, “Wanderlust” in an interview with the directors of her new video:

Björk had seen our last music video (Grizzly Bear) and gave us a call. The concept of the video is our attempt at creating mytho-poetic cosmology of a primitive world complete with water deities and the struggle towards the future. The main theme being nomadism since it is for the track ‘Wanderlust.’

Mytho-poetic cosmology of a primitive world? God. She’s so fucking unoriginal sometimes. Didn’t she see Heidi Montag’s new video for “Higher”? Water deities in a primitive world…been there, done that.

Ah yes, so the video should be premiering any day now–very exciting. For now though, there is a tracklisting for the single, full of delicious mixes, including:

A1. Wanderlust – Matthew Herbert Remix
B1. Wanderlust – Mark ‘Spike’ Stent Mix
C1. Wanderlust – Ratatat Remix
D1. Wanderlust – Mark Stent Instrumental

Ratatat, you say? I’m intrigued.

Amniotic Fluid Causes Mass Panic, Furor

Amniotic Fluid Causes Mass Panic, Furor

It’s funny what can turn the public against you nowadays

MuuMu Vol. II

MuuMu Vol. II

Layout upgraded, bitches

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