Daily B: Video Out!

The “Break the Ice” video has been released, and it is what it is. An animated video–To the casual eye, anyway. On the forums, fans are going batty over the possible underlying theories within the frames of the cartoon. In my opinion? It’s all flash, no beef. I see what everyone’s saying–blowing up the Victory building with the “clone” Britney inside–but I can’t imagine that the director, or more preposterously, Britney, intended to display any deep symbolism. If they did, the message is fairly literal: It’s Britney’s battle against the negativity in her life. Now, I’m not disappointed (it’s a promotional video for God’s sake) …but it doesn’t stop me from craving some 3D-Britney.

Here is the video in full.

Marketing is Fun!

Marketing is Fun!

How clever!

People Of The World…

People Of The World…

Eurovision is a sorely overlooked spectacle in the West

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