Daily B: Could It Be?

I’m not one to report false news when it comes to Britney‘s career (I don’t want to start any blasphemous rumors), but uBritney has just posted an apparently exclusive news update:

UBritney.com can exclusively reveal that Britney is hard at work preparing her full return. The pop princess is currently recording new tracks to appear on the Blackout re-release, due for release this summer. With this re-release, Brit is set to do a promotional tour and perform/give interviews on various TV shows.

Nothing will be confirmed just yet since the project is at its very early stages.

uBritney is one of the more reputable Brit sites. He tends not to post unless there’s confirmation behind a story, nor has he ever claimed an exclusive, which is why I’m feeling a bit tingly inside.

Also, I’ve soiled myself.

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