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I first heard of Maria Marcus back in 2006 with the release of her single, “Music Is”. The song, depending mostly on one amazingly atmospheric chorus, had a huge impact me at the time. Even now, the song hasn’t lost its impact in the slightest. I actually wrote about it a little while ago.
Now a few weeks ago, I got in contact with Maria. She’s a lovely woman, well mannered and extremely appreciative, so I decided to send over a few questions for her to answer regarding her life and career seeing as most viewers have never heard of her to begin with.
It seems pretty evident that Maria’s not going to be gracing the stages anytime soon. As I suspected, she’s paving a route of singer/songwriterdom. Certainly nothing wrong with that–in fact, I eagerly await what’s next.

Hey there, Maria! How are you doing on this fine day?
I’m feeling good, a little bit tired from working 14 hours today. :-)

How is life back in Sweden? Are you still recording?
There’s still snow on the ground up here on the northern coast of Sweden and I am longing for the summer…
I’m recording all the time but mostly producing for different projects, for example I’ve been writing and producing together with Niclas Lundin (Niclas is the other half of NordicSound), we’re releasing a single together called “Come With Me” that you will be able to find on iTunes within a few weeks. But there are also many other projects in process.

Has life been different since the release of your latest singles?
No, it’s been just as hectical as usual. But to be honest, I haven’t worked much with the single. I’ve been stuck in the studio instead.

Your website says that you produce, play, and program your very own music. I have to say, I’m quite impressed. I had no idea that you were responsible for the whole process! How much time goes into making a track or demo for you?

That’s impossible to say, it’s so different from song to song. Usually I’d say about 6-12 days, depending on if it is a demo or a final production.

Is there a method to the process for you? Do you prefer to create the instrumentals before adding vocals, or is it a gradual process?

It’s different for each time. But mostly I program drums at first to find a groove. But on the other hand, when I write songs for myself I usually start with a melody and go from there.

I think “Music Is” is one of the most underrated songs in pop over the past few years. It’s absolutely stunning, I wish it could have reached a larger audience–It’s my personal goal to make more people hear it! How do you feel about the song?

I’m SO glad to hear you say that, I really am! The song means a lot to me, I wrote it and figured out just that day that I had to change my life. So from that day I moved out from a previous relationship, I also decided to move from that city, and eventually did. The song always reminds me of that Music and Love is the two most important things in my life, I should never have to choose to just have one of them.

You’ve also had additional single releases. Do you plan to release a full length album? Your site claims you have over a hundred demos!

I have over a hundred demos, but not well produced. But I have an album that just needs some fixing, but at the moment I can’t afford to finish the album and release it, people in Sweden don’t buy music, they download it illegal so the market is crazy at the moment. It’s really frustrating and that makes me focus on songwriting and producing for others instead.

Do you dislike the performing experience? I know your biography states that you initially sought to be a songwriter, not a singer.

That’s correct, I don’t put the time in singing every day that I would have to do to be a performing artist. I love singing but I think I am at my best in the studio where I have the chance to produce my own voice. People seem to really enjoy my music and that is why I release it, but I don’t really see myself performing my music live.

What about producing…which artist or artists would you be most interested in producing right now?

Hmmmm.. Rihanna, that would be cool, she has a very interesting voice.

Is there any artist you’re enjoying in particular right now?
I listen to different music when I’m home then when I’m in the studio, and I’ve been mostly in the studio lately so it’s been Rihanna, Just T/Madonna, P Diddy, Addeboy vs Cliff, Ne-Yo and Britney Spears with her lovely new album.

And finally, what’s next for Maria Marcus?
She’s getting married!

Wow, congratulations!! It was wonderful to speak to you. I wish you the best with your future releases and projects…I’ll be sure to keep them covered on MuuMuse. Have a lovely day, Maria! You too Brad, thank you so much for this interview and your good questions! Take care!

Now go ahead and click below to hear her song, “Music Is” off of YouTube.

If you like what you hear, please visit Maria’s page on iTunes and check out her latest single, “I Don’t Know”!



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