Kylie Now Eating USA

And I’m loving it. Kylie‘s been having herself a joy ride up and down the coastlines of America, promoting X and performing “All I See” like it’s her job. Because it is.

Last night, she performed on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and had herself a short interview with the late night comedian. The video’s right below. It features both the song and the interview in the same clip. She’s so lively, so much fun! Not to mention, the performance is worlds better. A little less enunciation on the lyrics and a batch of glittery male dancers makes “All I See” a performable song, who knew? In fact, it’s a great performance!

Then there’s the upcoming schedule posted on her official site:

Monday, April 7th
Performing “All I See” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen’s other guest is Hillary Clinton.

Wednesday, April 9th
American Idol on Fox

What?!?! American Idol?! What is that, around twenty million viewers a night? Success! Somewhere, an exiled Idol contestant aboard a cruise ship is ceaselessly sobbing upon Rosie O’ Donnell’s shoulder.

More importantly–Ellen. I pray she gets a mini-interview before performing. That woman is my inspiration, my love, and to a greater degree, one of the main reasons I wake up in the morning along with frozen yogurt. Though yogurt presents such a portability issue, doesn’t it?

Alanis Goes Alanis

Alanis Goes Alanis

Here’s the album cover for Alanis‘ new album Flavors of

Daily B: Getting There

Daily B: Getting There

Looks like Larry ended up lending an interview to People Magazine, as well as

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