Dannii to release new album, remains sexy while doing so.

It’s probably my most anticipated release aside from Britney‘s next, and it’s finally coming true! In a recent interview with Glamour Magazine, Dannii Minogue revealed her latest project: a brand new studio album, her first since one of dance’s greatest releases this side of the millenium, Neon Nights. As I’ve said time and time before, even though it’s Kylie that makes my heart beat rock, it’s the brunette-er of the two that makes the heart skip a beat altogether.

Not only that, sources have confirmed that Dannii has been receiving material from Freemasons, meaning unrestrainable fantasicness in the form of high-energy dance.

But perhaps the most jawdropping news within this hodge-podge of dancefloor celebration is this post by Nathan, webmaster of Dannii’s site: “Dannii will be going back in the studio soon to work on new material, yes. Something VERY exciting could be happening also… something that people have always wanted to happen but the time has never been right.”

There’s no disguising that hint–it’s the long awaited recorded duet with big sis, Kylie, something that hasn’t happened. (Don’t tell me it has…they’ve only performed together in their tweens on YTT and on the Homecoming Tour–that doesn’t count!!) Only time will tell if the plan rolls along as they claim….

Let’s celebrate, shall we?

Sweaty memories…

Sweaty memories…

Just one long day ago, I headed off to Central Park to watch Ms

Interview with…Mike Rizzo!

Interview with…Mike Rizzo!

In case you haven’t heard, Mike Rizzo is returning to the dancefloor

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