Dance: Not an act of terrorism, baby eating, or rape according to Madonna.

Another collaboration between Madonna and Mirwais, “Triggering Your Senses” had been a widely popularized though unheard dance track left off the tracklists of the Confessions On A Dance Floor era. Well lo and behold, it has finally and inexplicably leaked onto the web.

It’s a super slick track, with plenty of unique production trickery from slight beat morphs to Eastern soundbytes to keep the song interesting. The theme? Relax! You’re just dancing! You’re not cheating, you’re not hating, you’re not even killing yourself! You’re only triggering your senses. Phew…Reassuring!

Most importantly, “Triggering” reminds me of a time of a more promising Madge album. I mean hell, even the deadpanned hip-hop bridge that happens about two-thirds in feels more legitimate than anything off of Hard Candy.

DL: Madonna – Triggering Your Senses (Confessions On A Dance Floor Demo)

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