Daily B: Come On, Vogue

I realize that MuuMuse is slowly dwindling down into a Britney fan site, but work with me people. As Russell Brand remarked, we’re watching the female Christ resurrected, and all without the messy nonsense involving stigmata!

Britney Spears has just returned from a photoshoot with famed fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier, who has already worked extensively with Brit Brit in the past. His work is incredible, resulting in some of B’s more iconic photographs including the one above. What’s it for? Let’s wait and see!

Bring On America!

Bring On America!

Oh my word…it’s actually coming true: BoA is coming to America!

Introducing…Armand Mirpour!

Introducing…Armand Mirpour!

This is Armand Mirpour

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