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I can’t quite emphasize my shock regarding BoA‘s overnight transition into the American market. It feels like one of my relatives has just been discovered…So sudden, yet so proud!

Starting off, we’ve got a spankin’ new website for the American move, located here. Shiny.

The new single is officially entitled “Eat You Up,” a hard dance number written by Bloodshy & Avant (!). Here’s a bit of the press regarding the track:

This song is a Reverse Beat Dance Track that stirrs Booming Energy, harmonizing BoA’s incredible feminine voice to its fullest and creating a really cool cantrast to the agressive beat.
Also BoA’s superior dance and artistic sense create perfect harmoy with the music, presenting an impression as if the song is born for BoA.
Above all, America’s rap icon, Flo-Rida, who has a hit single, ‘Low’, which was the number one song in Billboard Single Chart for 10 consecutive weeks from January, 2008, is to feature for the remix version of ‘Eat You Up’.

Hmm…someone’s posted in a hurry.

Additionally, Boajjang’s got more information regarding her American album:

On October 7th, both music videos of ‘Eat You Up’ will be revealed online. On November 11th, BoA’s management is planning to officially release the single to the public in stores and online through Amazon, Myspace, iTunes, and even ringtone downloads. Her first album’s details were also mentioned, and the album’s title song is entitled `LOOK WHO`S TAILING’. Her first album is scheduled to release in 2009 and she will be promoting the album with appearances on TV shows, radio programs, and at clubs. After her promotion period, she is planning to do a nationwide concert tour.

Go to BoA’s website now to view both videos (there are two!) for “Eat You Up” now!

Introducing…Armand Mirpour!

Introducing…Armand Mirpour!

This is Armand Mirpour

Daily B: I’m Sorry…What Did You Just Say?

Daily B: I’m Sorry…What Did You Just Say?

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