Angela McCluskey: Heavenly

As anyone should already well know, Télépopmusik is one of best electro trip-hop acts around these days. Of the wide range of collaborators through the Télépopmusik collection, no artist is more representative of the classic Télépopmusik sound than the incredible Angela McCluskey. (Who, by the way, happens to have a lovely discography of her own right.)

Just a few days ago, a track called “Hey You” cropped up on her own MySpace. While I can’t guarantee it as a new Télépopmusik creation, it sure sounds like it. The song has since become a staple of my nighttime soundtrack. It’s both ethereal and absolutely essential, bursting with rich, textured layers and heavenly vocals.

Sadly, I have discovered in my incredible frustration that I cannot rip the track or find it elsewhere. I suppose that’s intentional…No bother, then. Please check out Angela’s MySpace here and listen to the track on repeat. I’m sure you’ll find yourself playing it on repeat the whole night through as well!

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Blake Lewis: Running Far, Far Away

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