Annie: Enter 2009

Adios, Island Records…Hello, Richard X!

There hasn’t been too much buzz about it, but Annie is planning a proper release for February 2009! This time, it’s going to see the light of day…I can feel it.

The track, called “Ánthonio,” will be packaged under Richard X’s label, Black Melody, along with two remixes: One by Designer Drugs, and one by Fred Falke. I love the title…It’s very Hercules & Love Affair. Let’s hope it’s aurally similar as well (with a few more synths added in for good measure)!

Along with that, the Nordic electro-doll is already preparing a second release closely after “Ánthonio.” You’re spoiling us, darling! Says Annie-kins on her blog of the impending releases:

Been working a lot on getting the sleeve ready for my next single…it..s a great designer who..s living in Berlin that..s gonne do it,so mailing him all kinds of ideas,pix etc…so exited bout Ánthonio….. I..m also preparing another single that will be out close to Ánthonio.., so for next year I..ll release records as often as possible,music for your ears.oh yeah

She loves punctuation. Really, she does.

In celebration, a random track from Annie’s catalog: Her collabo with The Teddybears!

DL: Annie – Yours To Keep (Mediafire)

And if there’s no further updates today…I hope you and yours have a simply smashing New Years celebration!

See you in 2009!



Sure, everyone’s been creaming themselves lately over Andy Samberg and

Kelly Clarkson Can Lick The Lollipop

Kelly Clarkson Can Lick The Lollipop

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