Skip A Beat And Free

Afternoon, Muusers. I hope your holiday celebrations were as joyful as ever this year!

As for me, I’ve spent the majority of the morning watching my new KylieX2008 Tour. (Thank you, Mommy.)

What we have here today is one of the more unexpected highlights of the tour, the performance of “Slow.” Decked out in her bright red SS Soldier-gone-glam ensemble, Kylie belts her lusciously understated dance floor corker, moving swiftly across the stage and taking part in some sassy (though classy!) dance steps.

But all is not what it seems. Once we move into the three minute mark, the piece breaks down into a sweeping rendition of “Free,” a scrapped track from the Impossible Princess sessions. The result is a brief, stunning surge of energy, no doubt flowing over from the limited vocal depth of “Slow.” It’s a bit angst, borderline Björk, and entirely essential. Don’t miss!

And for those longing to hear one of Kylie’s more indie-cred numbers, click here to check out her original performance of the unrecorded track, “Free.”

MuuMuse: 100,000 Strong!

MuuMuse: 100,000 Strong!

Well, well, well…We’ve just passed the 100,000 mark for visitors!

Regarding 2009…

Regarding 2009…

In case you’re wondering what Pop Perfection may look like in the upcoming

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