Just Dance?

It’s the latest trend to hit the Hollywood scene: You’ve seen it portrayed in Slumdog Millionaire, danced away on stage at this year’s Academy Awards, and even taken under wing by a semi-talented artist and her traveling group of whores.

Yes friends…it’s the influence of Bollywood.

Really, it’s little ironic when you think about it. Like, Bollywood infiltrating Hollywood, when it all began as a reactionary movement following the globalized success of the Hollywood film system and–wait, I’ll stop.

Alas, Muusers–The invasion is getting serious. Even our most cherished of pop stars have now gotten their bitties into the gig.

Don’t believe me?


“Why?” you might be silently asking yourselves, “Isn’t she off shooting the latest promotional shots for her moderately successful underwear line, Love Kylie?”


…Well, probably right. BUT THERE’S MORE!

According to Kylie Minogue’s official MySpace,

“Kylie is delighted to be collaborating with music legend, AR Rahman on an exclusive song to be featured in the forthcoming Bollywood blockbuster, ‘Blue’ starring Akshay Kumar.

The madness doesn’t simply stop there.

“Who else?!” you’re now probably wondering aloud.


“What?!” you find yourself now shouting at the screen, “But surely she must be too busy being fabulous in everything that she does on a daily basis?!”


BUT ALSO, according to both Desi Hits and her official site, Britney Spears will be teaming up with Rujuta Vaidya (choreographer behind the Slumdog Millionaire performance at the Oscars) for a Bollywood-tinged re-interpretation of the fabulous Rishi Rich Desi Kulcha remix of “Me Against The Music” on her tour, The Circus: Starring Britney Spears.

I’ve only one thing to say about the matter:
I. Can’t. Fucking. Wait.

DL: Britney Spears – Me Against The Music (Rishi Rich Desi Kulcha Remix) (Sharebee)

Britney Spears featuring Madonna - In the Zone - Me Against the Music (Rishi Rich's Desi Kulcha Remix)
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