To The Beat Of My Heart

From NME:

It has been confirmed that Rihanna and Chris Brown recorded a duet together, just weeks after Brown was arrested for allegedly assaulting her.

According to a publicist for the track’s producer Polow Da Don, the song has been completed, but no further details have been given.

This is quite honestly too good to be true. In weeks, the two will be hailed as heroes for “overcoming their differences” and working together to right what went wrong.

How dare anyone criticize Britney Spears and Madonna for being poor role models for the youth of America? Incorporating sexuality into your act is one thing. Entering back into an abusive relationship and milking it publicly for all its worth?

Yeah, that’s the right message to be sending to the little girls of the world.


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Daily B: Ready To Seek Amy

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Flick, Switch, Bang, Pop.

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