Lady Gaga: Paparazzi (Video Premiere)

Oh, boy…I’m about to get in trouble for this one.

If you’re not already following me on Twitter (WHICH YOU SHOULD BE), you’d know that I’ve banded together a crew of Lady GAGa haters, known more affectionately as Team G.A.G.A. (Gays Against Gaga Alliance). We’re kind of like the Tila Army…but a little bit more homosexual.

However, I fear that I must be honest with both myself and my troops. After all, what use would a blogger offer that doesn’t keeps it reals?

This video is, in fact…quite decent. Coupled with the fact that “Paparazzi” is one of the best songs off of The Fame (which, as I will still contend, was one of the Top 10 Albums of ’08), a fun story line (even though the paparazzi plight has been exploited enough by the OG’s of Fame Whorery), and the costumes simply marvelous (aside from the borderline offensive Gimpy Gaga mode), it’s damn near unstoppable.

Sprinkle in a plethora of dead and dangling models to boot? Now that’s something I can truly sink my teeth into.

This is not to say that I think I will ever like Gaga. I just don’t care for her persona, plain and simple. Show me an interview in which she’s even slightly appealing–I defy you. I find she behaves like an oversexed Paris Hilton the night after a bender, except overly courteous and egocentric in the most exaggerated and bloated manner.

Still, she’s pulled it out, and a small part of me is nearly willing to deem her “quite smart.”

So what to do in this slippery situation? I don’t know…keep watching, I guess.

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Lady GaGa

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