Royksopp ft. Robyn: The Girl And The Robot Video Premiere

You know when a video is literally everything you had hoped it to be?

Welcome to “The Girl And The Robot.”

It’s almost creepy how similar the video is to the one I had in my mind each time I hear the song. Mournfully writhing around in bed, pacing frantically, clinging onto the robot…it’s exactly what this video was supposed to be. Add in the fact that Robyn looks GORGEOUS and a silly cameo by the boys (their first time being in their own video!) and you’ve got yourself a Grade A clip.

I would expect nothing less.

The single will be released in vinyl on June 15, which you can pre-order here. Click below to purchase “The Girl And The Robot” from iTunes now!
Röyksopp - Junior - The Girl and the Robot

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