Hey, Brits: The Dolly Rockers Are Coming To Throw Up At A Venue Near You!

Look, just because I’m terrifically bitter because I can’t attend any of the stops on the Dolly Rockers‘ first ever booze cruise/tour doesn’t mean that I should deprive my UK Muusers of the info!

The Dollys are headed ’round the UK for TONS of shows. Click below to check out all the dates–and make sure you attend and send in a MuuMuse Excluusive! I’d love a reader review–especially one that involves Brooke throwing up on stage or something.

June 25: Alloa Academy
June 26: Electroqueer, Hoxton, London
June 27: Mood, Liverpool
June 30: 93 Feet East, London
July 3: Plug, Sheffield
July 4: London Pride
July 10: View, Manchester
July 15: Wellingborough Party In The Park
July 17: Chapel Nightclub, Salisbury
July 18: Thanet Pride
July 19: Dartford Festival
July 23: Punk, London
July 24: Escape, Southend
July 25: Gloucester Festival
July 25: Nightingales, Birmingham
July 26: Leeds Party In The Park
July 27: Lazytown Launch, Bournemouth
July 29: Ace Cafe, London
July 30: Chicago Rock
July 31: Mayhem, Southend
Aug 1: G.A.Y, London
Aug 7: Corn Exchange, Dorchester
Aug 8: Love to Love, Scunthorpe
Aug 15: CRC, Newbury
Aug 22: Bridgenorth Party In The Park
Aug 27: Leadmill, Sheffield
Aug 29: Cardiff Pride Street Party
Sep 25: Sheffield University
Sep 26: Cardiff University Freshers Ball (With Ndubz)
Oct 2: Derby Freshers Ball (Supporting Alphabeat)
Oct 2: Regal Rooms (Student Event), Oxford

Imogen Heap Is Done With Ellipse…Really.

Imogen Heap Is Done With Ellipse…Really.


Girls Can’t Catch: Keep Your Head Up

Girls Can’t Catch: Keep Your Head Up

And you thought No Means Yes had the worst girl group name around

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