Beyonce: Sweet Dreams (Video Premiere)

It’s right about that time again–find your seats, take off your sunglasses, and make yourselves silent: The Beysus has arrived.

And what a landing it is this time: Mystical horses in the distance, R2D2 C-3PO-inspired armor (Thanks JJS, you geek), and (fierce) levitation all make up bits and pieces of the video for B’s new single, “Sweet Dreams,” a track that deserves to impact the charts hard.

Truly, the video campaign for I Am…Sasha Fierce has been effortlessly slick, especially on the Sasha side of things. Who knew that all we’d ever need from her was two background dancers and the hottest stilettos on the market?

This video, along with “Ego,” “Single Ladies,” and “Diva,” all underscore the brilliance of this entertainer-turned-legend. Let’s be honest–this doesn’t appear to be a big budget production, nor is much even happening here, but it doesn’t even matter: Beyoncé simply dominates.

Be sure to watch out for the final few seconds of the clip in case you’re looking for the true definition of fierce. Yowza!

Click below to preview and purchase I Am…Sasha Fierce.
Beyoncé - I Am... Sasha Fierce (Deluxe Version)

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