Her Name Was Nicole: More Reasons Why Nicole Scherzinger’s Solo Album Was Probably Amazing

Two more songs from Nicole Scherzinger‘s solo effort have leaked today, leading me to believe that the scrapped My Name Is Nicole might have been a more outrageous pop injustice than previously assumed.

As we know, the buzz began with “Whatever U Like,” a wildly underrated MuuMuse favorite that delivered all the right ingredients for a massive club banger and yielded none of the deserved accolades.

Now we have two tracks, “Power’s Out” and “Save Me From Myself.”

The first, “Power’s Out,” is a duet with Sting (!). Though the lyrical content is borderline ridiculous (“My food is yours, take all you want / My bed is yours, sleep all you want”), the gentle crystal piano riff and quietly cooed verses supply a cool breath of fresh air in an atmosphere of heavily overproduced, polluted pop.

But even more enchanting is the second leak, “Save Me From Yourself,” a gospel-ready chant recalling Celine Dion‘s “A New Day Has Come.” Here, Scherzinger demonstrates her vocal capabilities in a way so few divas these days actully can–with poise, calculation, and complete control. Frankly speaking, it’s gorgeous…I can’t stop playing it.

I’ll leave the links up for 24 hours. After all, we may never hear them again.

DL: Nicole Scherzinger – Power’s Out (ft. Sting)
DL: Nicole Scherzinger – Save Me From Myself

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Nicole Scherzinger

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