Keisha Buchanan Doesn’t Care Much For Change.

Look at this new promo pic from The Guardian? Isn’t it gorgeous? Do yourselves a favor and read the accompanying article as well…lots of great new information included.

Keisha Buchanan is just running her mouth right now–and it’s FANTASTIC. Right now, she’s answering questions from fans on her Twitter…personal ones! Ones about the Sugababes! About Siobhan! Everything! I’m going to try and create a Q&A out of the answers she’s given, so bear with me: Click “Read More” to see it all.

@keisha_buchanan hope Heidi and Amelle are k if the rumor true that they got swine flu if so with them well from me *hug* cant wait for get sexy! videos its gonna be epic
@dylan_mason They are getting much better x
@keisha_buchanan when is the premiere? I could pee with excitement xx
@Suga_Bitch Next week hopefully!!!! x
@keisha_buchanan Are you dancing in the new Get Sexy video ?? Xx
@KKarol We are at the end a little… lol So strange for us lol
@keisha_buchanan My question for your Q&A – Why have the Sugababes had such a dramatic week?!
@martynhett 2 babes are not well and im on a driving ban… long story
@keisha_buchanan whats your favourite britney spears song? :)
@simplydanx Sometimes and Born to make you happy lol Love Britney
@keisha_buchanan Whats your view on the possibility of ITV bringing back CDUK with guest hosts each week, would the babes do it?
@terryclarke Is that true??!!! Id love that!!! and YES we would x
@keisha_buchanan When will the new album be out? after get sexy or after a second single? x
@Joerobert second single, then the album xxx
@keisha_buchanan Is that true that ya girls are forced to cancel tha meeting with jay-z because of the swine flu?? via daily mirror :)
@Krista_Armstron No lol there was no meeting planned with him. We cancelled everything and have the week off while the girls get better xxx
@keisha_buchanan Outside current band members, is there anyone, dead or alive, you would love to have performed with?
@LiverpoolFan74 MJ alllll day x
Question deleted regarding Mutya
@jase_xo I missed mut. But she wasnt happy…We did remain friends after she left but lost contact. I got on with Amelle straight away:-D
@keisha_buchanan what is the best thing or date that ur bf did for you/ took u on? xx
@CherylKiddxo I can honestly say that he treats me like a princess everyday. I cant think of one thing… Its all the little things i love x
@keisha_buchanan If you had kids and could only teach them one thing you’ve learnt in life what would it be? and why?
@Danielle_Jane14 To love god. Never give up, Be a leader not a follower and use negative people as inspiration. (A few of my values lol)
@keisha_buchanan What is your favourite 112 tune? xxx
@CarlyBimbo Thats hard…”Only you” “Love me” “Peaches and cream” All cried out with Allure…Errrr LOADS lol
@keisha_buchanan is there any celebrity you’ve met who was reallyy rude to youu?
@taetaewoodward Not really :-) I’ll have a think!!! x
@keisha_buchanan You have a grand to spend on YOURSELF (not give away!!!), what do you do with it? NO GIVING IT AWAY! :D
@tismrwells Id spend it on me AND my girls at the spa lol !!! id HAVE to bring friends sorry lol Or ummm Shoes!!!
@keisha_buchanan What do u think has been the key to your/Sugababes long standing career? (i won’t accept line-up changes as an answer) lol
@NickiKelly 4 me, its God’s blessing. We’ve been dropped b4, had line up changes, been written off & were still standing & selling records.
@keisha_buchanan My question:Which is the best song U’ve ever recorded in ur opinion?Which is the song U wish U never release?
@zsoltpalffy The best: Overload, Freak, Push the button, stronger, I hate Denial lol
@keisha_buchanan Which album of yours was the worst?
@LikeARingleader Change was not my fav lol
@keisha_buchanan Do you think, that there will be a sugababes concert in munich? – xoxo
@xoxomosthated Hopefully next year x
@keisha_buchanan Oo have to ask- did you get to hear any of the new stuff Leona is working on when in LA and what you think?
@RyanJL I didnt as she just started hers but its going to be amazing! x
@keisha_buchanan Who is the most annoying celeb you have met? xx
@Zara_E Me!!! lol
@keisha_buchanan is your next album totally different from past albums? :)
@OHMYDAYSitsHayz As always yes :-) x
@hrkws A track called “No more you”, written by Neyo and About a girl!!! I have to say “Get sexy” is my fav up tempo though!!!
@keisha_buchanan Will your US version of album 7 contain some of your greatest hits too? Girls is currently played on a shoes ad in USA!
@dillangandhi I heard girls out there!! It was so cool :) To answer your question, Im not sure but id like to think it would be all new x
@keisha_buchanan Why is your new material American Garbish when you was so fantasticly British and Different? Is it to crack America 4 $$$$
@LyricistKev Ur now blocked. U can have an opinion BUT u could have asked that question in a more mature way. Joker.
@keisha_buchanan is it true mutya left cause she didnt like the direction babes were takin? I heard She hated red dress..
@Matrix983 thats not why she left lol But she did hate that song!!!
@keisha_buchanan How much longer do you think the babes will stay together?
@MrRatch We’ll do it until its not fun anymore lol Right now we’re having a ball!!! x
@keisha_buchanan if you could be part of ANY girlgroup of anytime which group, who, and which song do you think defines them? xx
@MadlinLilliee TLC!!! They always looked like they were having fun :-)
@keisha_buchanan If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 CD’s (yes it has electricity!) & 3 celebs would you wanna have with you?
@nelly_uk7 Mj hits, Old school garage & maybe some jazz. I’d be there with Leona, shes cool, Tulisa ndubz (she’s wild lol) & katy perry!
@keisha_buchanan any chance of resurrecting the ANGELS…album track “Blue” for live performances? Such an amazing song…
@17days Thanks hun. I dont think that will ever happen lol I made up the meaning to that song lol But never say never right?
@keisha_buchanan QnA: Why did Siobhan really leave? Theres never been a clear answer and I don’t believe that you “bullied” her…
@POB991 The truth??..Lol…Ok…Basically she was offered a solo deal & left us lol When we started doing well the lies started…Sad really
@keisha_buchanan heyi have a question do you like #nicolescherzinger? if you had a chance would you like to work with her?
@Jespertje I think she’s really cool in person. Not sure if we would work with her though :-) We all sing so different x
@keisha_buchanan Ok… i have a good question. Rank your albums from fave to least fave INCLUDING your new one ;) Good one ayeee xxxx
@Stephen_Spears lol.. One touch, Angels, Taller, 3, Our new one, catfights and spotlights, change lol

And then I got kind of tired of copy pasting.

I’m a bit concerned though. This one’s not even her second or third or FOURTH favorite record?! She speaks truthfully, that’s for sure. I guess we’ll have to wait and listen ourselves…

Dolly Rockers: Gold Digger (Video Premiere)

Dolly Rockers: Gold Digger (Video Premiere)


Little Boots: Remedy (Video Premiere)

Little Boots: Remedy (Video Premiere)

Styling: 9/10Tenori-On Sexiness: 9/10Symmetry: 10/10Substance: 4/10 I get what

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