Benassi Bros: Rocket in the Sky

A late night treat for all my Muusers: Whether it’s the weed, the E, or perhaps a shallow glass of Merlot helping you to settle into a long night’s slumber, I’ve got just the thing to make sure you’ve traveled far, far into dreamworld.

Enter Benny Benassi, notable DJ behind many of today’s hottest club mixes and mashes. Back in 2005, the Italian producer teamed up with his cousin Alle under the monniker Benassi Bros. to release …Phobia, a sublime collection of trance hits that will one day be given a proper review here at MuuMuse as a result of its complete and utter brilliance.

From that album came several singles including “Rocket in the Sky,” released on May 16, 2006. For whatever reason, the song was re-recorded with dance artist Dhany for the single’s release, upping the pitch of the original and somewhat ruining the timeless feel of the track. Accordingly, we will not bother ourselves with that rendition.

Instead we will appreciate the original version, written and recorded by Danish singer Sannie Carlson (also known as Whigfield and on this record as Naan).

For many years now (okay, roughly three), “Rocket in the Sky” has provided the perfect infinite white noise for me during the night hours–often I’ll even wind up falling asleep to the pulsating throb of …Phobia (is that weird?) There’s something altogether entrancing and lulling about the space-age production coupled with the vocoded-to-death vocals–enough to make me crave the song long after I first stumbled onto the album.

I hope you all enjoy this one as much as I do.

DL: Benassi Bros – Rocket In The Sky (featuring Naan)

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