MuuMuse Excluusive: Question for the Sugababes

YAY! The Sugababes have answered a question excluusively for MuuMuse!

Check out the video above to see the ‘Babes individually answer the following question I’d pitched to the trio:

Which song from the Sugababes catalog do you wish had been released as a single but wasn’t?

The answers may surprise you, so I won’t spoil it…watch above to find out (I’m still squeeing over the fact that Keisha namedropped MuuMuse!)

Please don’t forget–the Sugababes’ new single “Get Sexy” is officially out THIS WEEK in the UK. It’s one of the Top Four Sexy Summer Dancefloor Sizzlers of 2009, so hurry up and get on it NOW before summer starts to fade away.

Purchase “Get Sexy” on iTunes UK | MySpace | Official Website

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