Kate Havnevik: Me EP Album Review and US Tour Dates


Kate Havnevik is releasing an exclusive EP ahead of her next studio album, You, slated for release in early 2010. The Me EP (see what she did there with the album name?) features five tracks: “Show Me Love,” “Halo,” “Think Again,” “Disobey,” and Soon.”

If you suddenly find yourself longing for some Frou Frou while listening to this record, there’s good reason for it: Guy Sigsworth, the male half of the project, also happens to helm production of the Me EP.

“Show Me Love,” the mini-album’s opener, also happens to be the first and only upbeat ditty of the bunch. As the bright, gleeful horns and electronica flourishes fizzle the warm embers of “Halo” begin, mellowing out the atmosphere of the EP.

“Think Again” floats in dreamily thereafter, complimented by an airy vocal delivery by Havnevik. “I know that I’m losing you, but I don’t want to get over you,” she coos as Sigsworth’s signature sitar strings (alliteration up the “S”!) wrap themselves around the track.

“Disobey” is a pleasant surprise for longtime fans; a reworking of a demo originally released on Havnevik’s website years now spruced up with a marching trip-hop beat, the Sigsworth sitar, and a strong, cutting militant beat. “How can you resist the pleasure within the risk? ‘Cause misbehavior could be your savior,” Havnevik taunts off the first lines of the track.

Closing out the collection is “Soon,” which also happens to be closest stylistically to what we’ve already come to expect from Havnevik’s earlier work, Melankton: Namely soft, detached vocals that float atop bubbly waves of electronica.

The Me EP is a stunning piece of work, bringing together the best of Havnevik’s dream-pop vocals with Sigworth’s penchant for organic, layered melodica. If this mini-album is anything like what we’ll be hearing next year, prepare to read a lot more about Kate in the coming months.

To purchase the exclusive Me EP (which is only available through her site or at her live shows), please visit Kate’s website.

Kate Havnevik & Levi Weaver JPEG

Additionally, Ms. Havnevik is hitting the dusty trail along with Levi Weaver throughout the month of November. Here are the full list of dates!

Nov 15 – Prophet Bar – DALLAS, TX
Nov 17 РRed Light Caf̩ РATLANTA, GA
Nov 18 – Slim’s – RALEIGH, NC
Nov 19 – The Red and The Black – WASHINGTON, D.C.
Nov 20 – The Living Room – NEW YORK CITY
Nov 22 – Northstar – PHILADELPHIA, PA
Nov 23 – The Atrium at Franciscan Uni. STEUBENVILLE, OH
Nov 25 – The Crofoot Pike Room – PONTIAC , MI

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