Fun fact in advance: This post was inspired by the fact that
I absolutely had to post this new photo. Vavavoom!

From Sophie’s new-and-improved website:

The first single is released early April. It’s called `Bittersweet’ and with it I have once again collaborated with the lovely and very talented Freemasons. It’s a good introduction to the fourth album because, as with the majority of the record, it’s a song you can dance to. The new tracks feature collaborations with Calvin Harris, Metronomy, Cathy Dennis, Richard X and Ed Harcourt. It’s been a lovely experience to make this album and I am so looking forward to sharing it with you all.

As we’ve come to find out, Bextor recorded the track while undergoing a rare condition known as BPO, or Brilliant Producer Overload. The song was written by the Freemasons (“The One,” “Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)”), Richard Biff Stannard (“Love At First Sight,” “New York City Lights”) and Hannah Robinson (“Chewing Gum,” “Me and My Imagination”), according to her newest post.

I am beyond excited by the very possible chance that “Bittersweet” will consist of Sophie monotoning the word “Biii-tahhh-sweeet” over a thumping, sparkly Freemasons synthesized beat.

Furthermore, I am beyond ready to hear something that can be described as nothing less than ‘amazeballs.’