Rude Girl: Khia’s “Been A Bad Girl”


As you all well know, I am a MASSIVE fan of Khia “My Neck, My Back” Chambers and her delightfully potty-mouthed lyricism. I’ve eagerly awaited the return of the Queen of the South for some time now–and finally, she’s arrived to take her spot on the throne once again!

“Been A Bad Girl” is Khia’s official comeback, a slow stuttering trash fest complete with crude, breathy promises and nazzzty come-ons. “Pin me down, lock me up / I been a bad girl, and now it’s time to punish me,” she half-sings in the chorus, surely one of the gangstress’ more conservative offerings in recent memory.

According to The Prophet Blog, the track was apparently inspired by Janet Jackson, which is funny given their longstanding feud.*

*A feud that exists only within Khia’s head.

The thing about this new song is that it’s kind of genuinely hot in the un-ironic sense, and it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if J. Jackson actually did go and record a number like this. Wait, what am I saying?!

“Been A Bad Girl” precedes the release of the Thug Misses’ new double album (!), Khia Shamone/Motor Mouf, due out in the spring.

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