While passing through the PopJustice forums, I stumbled upon a post mentioning the Toronto-based band, Parallels. While I didn’t (and admittedly, still don’t) know much about the group at the time, I now know this: their debut is amazing.

Visionaries, the band’s debut album released on February 6, brings to mind a potpourri of influences: Sally Shapiro, Belinda Carlisle, The Knife, Cat5, New Order and Cut Copy, among others. Not a bad set of sounds to come to mind, is it?

For fans of italo-disco, crystal synthesizers, and chilly grooves inspired by the dance floor sounds of yesterday, I believe you’ll find in Visionaries a truly unexpected delight.

Click here to stream Parallels‘ debut album, Visionaries, in full.

Click here to visit Parallels’ MySpace, and here to check out their music on iTunes.