Earlier today, Muuser Cobraestilo tweeted me with a flurry of rumored Kylie songs and producer names. While I’m not usually one for supporting the rumor mill (it’s a terribly dirty industry), I’m occasionally open to indulging in the delight of what could be. You know, just a little speculation…

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for crushed hearts and ruined dreams if none of the below turn out to be true. Without further ado:

“Love Intervention” (Greg Kurstin/Lindy Robbins)
“Satellite” (Greg Kurstin/Lindy Robbins)
“Robot Love” (Greg Kurstin/Evan Bogart)
“Too Much” (Calvin Harris)
“Ruined” (Diane Warren)
“Beautiful” (Tim Rice-Oxley and Frazer T Smith)
“Aphrodite” (Skylark and Nerina Pallot)
“Put Your Hands Up” (Skylark and Nerina Pallot)
“Better Than Today” (Skylark and Nerina Pallot)

Rumors also suggest a Nervo/Starsmith collaboration as a possible contender for the first single, as suspiciously retweeted and responded to by the Nervo girls themselves.

And now, a fairly convincing piano version of the song, “Put Your Hands Up,” performed by Nerina Pallot for her web series. I could see Kylie covering this, no?