MuuMuse Excluusive: Lolene Loves MuuMuse

YAY! Check out this excluusive video from Lolene, who just recorded a special message for all of her fans here at MuuMuse.

Thanks Lolene–the muusers love you too!

Can’t wait to check into The Electrick Hotel? Me either!

Click above to watch the album trailer (I’ve honestly watched a dozen times or more), check out her debut single at iTunes here, or visit her official website.

The Electrick Hotel will be released this summer.

Sia: Clap Your Hands (Video Premiere)

Sia: Clap Your Hands (Video Premiere)

Well, it’s just all fun and games for Sia these days, now isn’t it?

Ciara: Ride (Video Premiere)

Ciara: Ride (Video Premiere)

The video for Ciara‘s latest single, “Ride,” has arrived

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