This is Martin Solveig‘s new single, “Hello,” featuring vocals from Martina Sorbara, who is perhaps best known for putting the “ette” in Dragonette.

Above is the newly released video for the song, which features Solveig, fellow French DJ Bob Sinclar, and a whole host of tennis players whose names I can’t pronounce.

The result is a cheeky, Wes Anderson-esque kind of clip, featuring some very silly dialogue and campy over-acting. The video was actually filmed in front of the audience of 12,000 at this year’s French Open–neat!

Oh yes, and the song itself is fresh to death. I certainly wouldn’t mind hearing this one on the dance floor.

It should be noted that this isn’t the first time Solveig and Sorbara have teamed up: Check out their equally delicious stormer from last June, “Boys and Girls,” right here.

Martin Solveig’s new album, Smash, is due out later this year.