Girls On Top: BoA Returns to Korea with New Single, “Game” (Video Premiere)

BoA is back–and this time, she’s Korean!

As some of my Muusers may know, Korean superstar BoA has been working her way across various international markets over the past few years to achieve global success (read: WORLD DOMINATION), releasing several Japanese language albums and an English language debut in 2009.

However–at the risk of overgeneralizing–the bulk of BoA’s Japanese output for the past five years has been shit.

Sure, she’s managed to rack up a great deal of success in Japan, but the music has been little more than bland, radio-ready fluff that absolutely pales in comparison to the edgier tracks from her Korean releases, including My Name and Girls On Top.

Luckily, the wait is finally over. BoA’s gone back to Korea to celebrate her 10th anniversary in the music industry, and new music awaits!

This is “Game,” the first song to be released from BoA’s sixth studio album in Korea. The video was reportedly shot by “Toxic” mastermind Joseph Khan (UPDATE: Khan’s directing the album’s title track–this song’s just for the fans), and features the use of a very-nifty-though-not-entirely-necessary 360 degree camera. Work those angles, bitch!

As you can see, BoA’s cranked up the sass factor for her return home-bound, now cockier and more confident than ever. She’s really grown up since her latest release (see “Girls On Top” video), and it’s nice to see her having some fun. Would have loved some of her signature killer choreography, though…next time, I’m sure!

Song’s not too bad, either. There’s clearly some very slight Ke$ha-lite influence in the number (the Auto-tune, the electronics), but not enough to deem this nearly as grating as something like, oh…”Blah Blah Blah.”

According to BoA’a newly launched official website, the new album is entitled Hurricane Venus and is due for release on August 2. CANNOT WAIT.

In the meantime, check out my interview with BoA in March of last year while she was still promoting in America. Insane!

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