My best blog buddies–from Hard Candy Music to Sheena Beaston to The Chemistry is Dead have already spouted on about the singer for months. I just happen to be coming to the party fashionably late. What else is new?

This is Florrie. You may not recognize her, but if you’re a MuuMuse reader, you’ve no doubt already heard her in action.

As the 21-year-old house drummer for production team Xenomania, Florrie’s had the honor of performing in tracks for likes of the Pet Shop Boys, Girls Aloud, and Kylie Minogue. Need proof of her skillz? Here’s a clip of her being generally amazing at the drums.

Currently, the singer/songwriter/drumming sensation has been busy carving out her own niche as a solo entertainer. In collaboration with italo-pop production superstar Fred Falke (a MuuMuse approved mega-favorite), Florrie has churned out a number of high quality solo tracks, including “Call 911,” “Panic Attack,” and most recently, “Fascinate Me.”

As with what we’ve come to expect from Xenomania, Florrie’s songs are characterized by hooky pop melodies, crunchy riffs, and complex lyricism.

With a frantic, breathy delivery similar to Norwegian electro superstar Annie, the singer tackles skittish electronic beats and rapid-fire riffed verses that simply beg to be replayed time and time again. There’s a lot being offered in each one of her songs, making Florrie one of the more intriguing pop acts lobbying for the public’s attention this year.

As the singer does not yet have a proper label deal (WHY?!), Florrie’s been releasing these brilliant Xeno-disco numbers for free on her official website, which you can snag right here.

Additionally, Florrie’s first CD release can now be found on Kitsuné x Ponystep, the latest compilation CD by uber-trendy French record label, Kitsuné, which includes “Call 911 (Beataucue Remix – JBAG Edit).”

With any luck, this is but the tip of an iceberg of chilly Italo-disco cuts simply begging to be released from this promising newcomer.

I cant wait to hear what comes next!

The Stars, The Moon: The Radiance of Florence Welch

The Stars, The Moon: The Radiance of Florence Welch

Courtesy of Williams_Blood

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As M

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