I’ve been casually listening to Cee Lo Green’s fabulous new kiss-off single, “Fuck You,” for some time now. Now there’s an official video, and it’s just as good as the song.

“Fuck You” is nice because it allows you to loudly sing the words “Fuck you,” and it’s perfectly okay to do so because those are just the lyrics of the song so really you can’t be held accountable if anyone tries to scold you about it, and if they do you can just say “Fuck you.”

Actually, it’s kind of the same triumphantly merry song as Lily Allen‘s “Fuck You,” except this one is less of a political statement and is more likely to perform well on the charts. Sorry, Lily.

Now let’s hope the song doesn’t blow up Gnarls Barkley “Crazy”-style and force everyone to hate it forever and curse its existence until the end of time.

Ease the fuck up, radio. I’m just saying.