Right. Well, remember when Whitney and Mariah did that song together? It’s like, clearly they did a song together, so it’s not all that damn bad. As long as we respect each other, it’s okay. She does what she does, and I do what I do, and that’s that. You’re either a forgiving person and you can move on or you can hold on to those things. I’m not one of those people. I’m not gonna be a victim to what happened. It’s over. Bye. Keep it pushing.

Ex-PCD member and soon-to-be solo sensation Melody Thornton on whether or not a feud exists between herself and Miss Scherzy, from an interview with Vibe Magazine.

Click here to see the rest of the required reading, which contains about a dozen or so other quotable quotables about her upcoming music, girl group and label dramz, and of course, Nicole Scherzinger.

New Melody tunes cannot come soon enough!