M.I.A. Continues to Create Visually Disturbing Websites, Now Featuring Hot Beats

After linking to a video featuring /\/\/\Y/\ album track “Story to Be Told” that takes viewers though dizzying trip through HTML and Captcha screens, M.I.A. has just posted a link on Facebook to another new website.

Like her own website, this one looks like a cross between a Geocities fan page circa-1996 and a Sega Genesis RPG. Thing is, the previously unreleased track playing on repeat in the background is fresh as fuck.

Bolstered by a grimey dub-step grind and some minimal beats, Maya supplies her slickest taunt: “You think you’re bad, you think you’re so fucking cool, Generation Lily-white…we’re already dead.”

Luckily, thanks to Muuser RJ, I’ve got some clues about the song. Checking out the page’s source leads to some silly search tags:

<~meta name="keywords" content="mia,m.i.a.,mia vs diplo, new song, mp3, hotness, fire, water, love, hate, internet, dump.fm, diplo looks like he smells"~>

And as for the song title? Rip the track and here’s what pops up in iTunes: “gen n- e- y , u cant have me!”

Generation N-E-Y?

I have so many questions. Is this getting released? Is the beat by Diplo? Or is it an attack against him? Lord knows they’ve been bickering forever.

“If you don’t give a fuck, I don’t give a damn.” Perhaps that one line best explains all of this.