Utada Hikaru Begins Tweeting, Dancing with Pepsi Bottles


One of my favorite artists of all time, Utada Hikaru, is now tweeting.

Yes, Muusers: Just a few minutes ago, Hikki Hikki Hikaru began her journey into the Twitterverse.

What’s she tweeting about? Oh, just some bullshit about how cute her Twitter background is. What’s on her background? Why–what else would Hikaru care about? It’s drawings of Kuma-chan! (For those who don’t know what a Kuma-chan is, watch this absurd fan tribute video. It’s a sickening obsession that must be stopped.)

Oh, and now she’s freaking out about which Twitter App to choose.

You just know she’s got that stupid stuffed animal propped up with the cell phone in its paw right now while she’s off doing the dishes, secretly hoping that he will, at long last, come to life to type out a quick tweet to the fans.

Perhaps more titillating than Twitter is the fact that Utada’s about to premiere a new song! Well, not exactly a new one–it’s a cover of an old one! By Edith Piaf, no less! It’s called “Hymne a l’amour ~Ai no Anthem~,” and it’s a gorgeous, jazzy affair to be used by Pepsi in promoting their latest delightfully bubbly death serum, Pepsi NEX.

Oh–you want to hear it? Good! Just click here to watch the 15 and 30-second clips that will soon be airing across Japan. And yes, in case you were confused, those are Pepsi bottles playing drums and keyboards behind her. I don’t know either, but I’m generally in favor of what’s happening there.

Musically, this is a pretty strong turn in direction for Utada, but it’s a refreshing one, no doubt (like Pepsi, y’all!). It’s all very free-flowing and disjointed, and her voice sounds absolutely lovely on top of all those instruments. I adore it! I really think she’s found her happy place at the moment. Plus, doesn’t she look gorgeous?

Thanks to U-Blog for being the premiere source for all things Utada, as usual!

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