Here we go, Muusers: The official video for the best summer club song of 2010 that isn’t “Commander”–it’s the Freemasons‘ “Believer,” featuring Wynter Gordon!

There’s loads of stunning light work and shadow play going on here, which is perfect for illuminating the walls of any club–from grittiest gay bars to the snootiest of after hour zen lounges.

And as for your performance, Miss Wynter? Why, you’re looking positively ravishing! Drama, poise, and elegance. Brava.

But seriously, I really do love “Believer.” It’s one of my favorites of the year (the lyrics!), and I need it to claw its way to the tippity-top of the Dance charts because it absolutely deserves the recognition.

“Believer” was released digitally on August 15, and will come packaged with remixes on November 21. (iTunes)