Alright, look: I love me some Amerie Ameriie. From “1 Touch” to “Heard ‘Em All,” she’s proven to be a consistently stellar, consistently underrated R&B/hip-rock princess. Now, we have the first taste of her upcoming album, Cymatika Vol. 1: “Outside Your Body.”

Pardon my Korean, but what in the flying FUCK is this?! (LISTEN)

It’s as though Ameriie was jamming to Nicole Scherzinger‘s “Poison” and said to the nearest producer: “You know, I’d like to record a song like this–but could we somehow get some robots up in this bitch and make the production more glittery and cheap? Also, can we make it somehow worse than Nicole’s? You know, so it’s subversive.”

“Hate, pain, jealousy / Hedonistic culture / Discontent breeds envy / They’ll throw you to the vultures,” the singer hurriedly delivers, like a hodgepodge of L. Ron Hubbard vagueries tossed onto a discarded Gaga demo.

I simply cannot.