Ashlee Simpson Joins Jessica Simpson for “Happy XMas (War Is Over)” on PBS Christmas Special

On Saturday, Jessica Simpson‘s Christmas special Merry Christmas aired on PBS selected PBS networks. (Apparently not all of the affiliate networks chose to air the special. OH DEAR.)

Amongst the many hits churned out that night, J. Simpy performed a rendition of John Lennon and Yoko Ono‘s “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” along with none other than her own sister, Ashlee. (WATCH)

After viewing this about three times in a row, I’m still not really sure how to describe what just happened. Well, “FUCKING HILARIOUS” might fit the bill.

Between the awkward opening–wandering on stage betwixt the random choir children (as Ashlee nervously laughs her ass off), Jessica’s uncomfortable microphone swallow/painful blowjob face, Ashlee’s barefoot rebel child trotting ’round the stage (nearly causing about 10 head-on collisions between the two), the contrast between Jessica’s bellowing and Ashlee’s 80-year-old-grandma-chain-smoking-at-the-slot-machine rasp vocals, and the…err, unfortunate wardrobe, I remain completely and utterly mesmerized.

In short: This must be seen to be believed. Thanks for the memories, Papa Joe!

Oh, and Ashlee dear? Let’s cut the shit already with the whole marriage and baby thing–I’m ready for your comeback now.

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